Saturday, August 09, 2014

Gun Rights For Whites! Gun Control For Blacks, Latinos And Muslims!

Mom may get 20 in the iron college for legally having a firearm in a state that bans them.

In the Philadelphia area, a single mother may be facing time in the iron college in New Jersey after a routine patrol stop by an officer. It's obvious that the law abiding mother has her driver's license. She also acknowledged to the law that she was packing the heat.

This mother of two is a concealed carry owner. She owned heat. She had to protect herself after a few robberies happened in her North Philly in her home.

When she was pulled over in New Jersey, the encounter by the law has Shaneen Allen seeking help from the gun lobby. See in Pennsylvania, she has a license to carry a firearm. But in New Jersey, its not recognized.

Now she may get up to 20 in the iron college for this and it seems like she has no way to get out of this.

Most White conservative males are obsessed with firearms and kill in the name of a religion, politics, or unjustifiable events. When you see Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, or even Muslims with firearms, you see the very same people scream at the top their lungs about how it's our faults for most of America's crime.

They want control over us, but never control over them!

It's why we can't pass reasonable gun control laws.

My9 New Jersey

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