Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sharpton And Hannity Are Back In The Race Agitation Business!

These two will certainly drive attention to the incident involving an unarmed Black man and the NYPD.

Guess who's getting involved in the Eric Garner situation?

A week ago, the NYPD tried to apprehend a man who was accused of selling loose cigarettes. There was a verbal confrontation and the law had taken the 6'3" 400 lb man down hard. They try to cuff him and he's telling them eight times "he can't breathe". By the time they got off him, he was unconscious and the NYPD and FDNY did nothing to save him.

This unarmed man was being questioned for a petty misdemeanor and the NYPD officers were trying to arrest him.

What drove the situation to involve death was the perception of one of the officers using a stranglehold to take down the man.

This video was posted by eyewitnesses. He posted on the social networks and it went viral. Now the whole world is talking about it. Obviously it's going to make it to the cable news channels with a known history of chasing ratings amid a controversy.

These two agitators who managed to bring front and center a race controversy over a few years ago. These two who both debated on the issues of race and politics. Both use a bullhorn on the AM dial and cable news channels to promote a divisive campaign to bring shame to what they've perceived as a threat to the very nature of American values.

Both have activist ties to controversial organizations and groups. One supports the civil rights movement. He founded the National Action Network. This one also singed a book deal and endorsement deal from rap label Cash Money Entertainment.

One supports the Tea Party. He's a co-chair of the Tea Party Patriots and a board member of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) founded by a Black extremist.

Both have passionate feelings on the NYPD's handling of an unarmed Black man who was restrained by two plain clothes officers.

Both believe that the excessive use of force was wrong. But both have a different take on the situation.

One believes that even in America, if the slightly infraction merits that type of restraint, then we outta to do something about it by not only protesting the incident but demanding those involved to be charged with a crime.

The other believes that NYPD are doing their jobs. To the other, that Garner should have just put his hands in the air and allow the police to restrain him. He kind believes that Garner agitated the incident by using his freedom of speech to tell the police officers to "get off his back".

Now as they gather their cameramen to the church where the funeral was held, you hear a Black preacher say "revenge". What does that mean?

According to the conservative agitators, they believe that "US BLACK FOLKS" will loot and riot when we don't get our way. If the NYPD officers walk, we tear the town down. That's what is being promoted on that website that "throws shit to the wall". The racist right loves to make us "BLACK FOLKS" look stupid. They think of us as "NATURAL BORN CRIMINALS" and "DA REAL RACISTS".

Obviously Garner gave the racist right the obvious "I DIDN'T DO NUFFINS" excuse.

In the graphic video you hear the man tell the officers that "he did nothing wrong" and "he couldn't breathe" after being taken down.

The world reacts to the harsh treatment of unarmed Black men.

What did the Black man do to deserve this?


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