Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thad Cochran Beats Insurgent!

I'll have this order to go. Thad Cochran, U.S. Senator from Mississippi beats the insurgent in a Republican primary run-off election. This race was one of the most closely watched. It would have determined the mood of U.S. Midterm voters.

Could you imagine staunchly conservative Senator Mississippi Republican Thad Cochran beats insurgent candidate Chris McDaniel?

I'll tell you the truth, he won on the power of Democratic voters who happened to be a lot darker than he is.

In a highly contested Republican primary run off the long-term senator Ted Cochran pulled off a victory that was deemed inevitable for the insurgent. A Southern White politico from the most reddest state in the United States will now face another Southern White politico who is just like him only with a Democratic label.

The insurgent rose to fame on the power of the conservative agitators who deemed Cochran too liberal and part of the establishment of Republicans.

The results of the country's most watched Republican races. It was one of the most controversial as well.
Republican Party primary runoff for Mississippi United States Senate election, 2014
RepublicanThad Cochran190,48150.9+1.9
RepublicanChris McDaniel183,60149.1-0.4
Total votes374,082100.00%
The Country Club, Blue Blooded Republicans according to the insurgency have been too willing to work with President Barack Obama and they wanted to stop it.

State Senator Chris McDaniel, a supporter of the insurgency was totally pissed. He thought that his bid for the Republican nomination was a wrap.

I thought it was a wrap after that old fool spoke about abusing animals. Cochran managed to pluck a few extra votes in an apparent open primary.

Under Mississippi rules, all voters, regardless of affiliation, are permitted to vote in the GOP primary, as long as they did not also cast a vote in the parallel Democratic primary. After the embarrassing defeat in the first round of voting, Cochran’s strategists calculated that their best option was to appeal to a broader base of voters, including those who do not usually support the party.

During the primary election, Senator Cochran and State Senator McDaniel received 49% and 49.5% of the vote respectively. Since no candidate received over 50%, there was be a runoff to determine the Republican nominee on June 24, 2014.

In the runoff campaign, Cochran tried to expand the electorate by encouraging independents and Democrats to vote in the runoff. After downplaying the various federal spending projects Mississippi received during his time in office, federal spending has become 40 percent of spending in the State of Mississippi

The Guardian reports that Cochran's influence may have sway Democratic-leaning black voters. Cochran could actually damage the prospects for Democrats in November. Travis Childers a former Democratic U.S. representative is a pro-life, pro-NRA, and anti-Obama candidate.

Say if McDaniel would have won, Childers has the profile that could conceivably win the conservative state in a race against McDaniel, whose extreme views could alienate the business community and more moderate voters.
The insurgent is pissed. He hasn't concede the race and vows to fight in court.
McDaniel has refused to concede to the race. He was very pissed at the outcome. He released a statement.

“We had a dream and the dream is still with us,” said McDaniel to an increasingly vocal crowd, telling them that the fight is not over. “Today the conservative movement took a backseat to liberal Democrats in Mississippi.”

The Politico reports that the crowd at the McDaniel event was equally fired up after the loss, capping off a bitter extended primary fight that pitted the insurgent against long-time establishment candidate Cochran.

Could you imagine, Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY, Minority Leader), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Representatives James Lankford (R-OK, Republican senate nominee), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA, Majority Leader-elect) have survive an insurgency sweep?

Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA, Majority Leader) was the only high profile lawmaker defeated in a primary. The only high profile member who managed to be beaten by a weaker and probably more extremer candidate.


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