Friday, April 18, 2014

Teacher Got His Walking Papers After Saying Racial Insults About Obama!

Fairfield fires teacher for racially insensitive remarks
I guess it's Obama's fault he got fired from his teaching position.

Gil Voigt was handed his walking papers.

Nowadays he can listen to his AM dial for the rest of his time now that he's no longer teaching at Fairfield City Schools.

The Ohio teacher was expelled after he said to a student an insult towards President Barack Obama.

He told the student that the country "had enough of Black presidents".

Voigt, a science teacher who has worked with Fairfield Schools since 2000, denied any wrongdoing on his part, either in this incident, or in four prior infractions with the district. Two of those instances involved making “inappropriate comments” to students. He told the Hamilton Journal-News on Thursday he decided not to fight the decision, but intended to resign and retire.

After the Fairfield Board of Education received a state referee's decision that "there is good and just cause to terminate the teaching contract," the board voted 4-0 Thursday evening, with one board member absent, to end his employment with the Butler County school system.

Voigt has declined to comment but told The Cincinnati Enquirer on Friday he plans to appeal the referee's ruling with the Butler County Court of Appeals.

Fairfield Superintendent Paul Otten also recommended the board discontinue the veteran teacher's employment contract.

"The district felt that the evidence was sufficient to support the termination of Mr. Voigt's employment. The referee recommended such termination, and the board has concurred," said Otten in a statement released Thursday evening.

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