Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Romeo Rose Still Can't Find That Right Dope To Date Him!

Seriously, this repulsive man figures that women are too ugly to date him.

According to City-Data, the hapless singer is looking for that perfect love. As long as you're not Black, fat, liberal, or a slut, you can be the only one for Romeo Rose.

Last year, this dope was on the international media making his pitch on the now defunct Sleepless In Austin website. Romeo Rose continues to promote his shitty videos on YouTube and still have an opinion about how life is as a single 39-year old douche who sings at bars and sidewalks.

He posted on City-Data last month telling the world that he's leaving the city of Austin, Texas, population 910,000. The hapless loser wants to go leave the ultra liberal city for redder pastures.

I am in Austin, Texas. I have been living here for 4 years now.
And, I am thinking about moving soon.

I am wondering if Las Vegas would be better for me than Phoenix? 
I've never been to either city.

I am white.
39 Years old.

And most important, I am single.

My primary reason for wanting to relocate is to and have better odds at finding a girlfriend.

I will most likely be looking for call center work, customer service, tech support, or sales oriented, as I have about 15 years experience in that.

I have a GED, and no other skills.

I went to beauty school when I was 22 but dropped out half way through, and I went to real estate school and finished that in West Virginia but never got licensed.

I do photography, weddings & models, but at this point it has only been for supplemental income, but I would like to grow it into full time in the near future.

So jobs pay & availability are important to me.

If I move to Vegas, I might have an interest at working at a Casino at some point if it pays better than call centers. From what I read the pay starts pretty low, but there are tips, and there's a chance to move up to pit boss which is about 60k a year. I read you have to go to school etc to learn how to work the games before you can get a job at that. So that's something that might be in my future, but at first I would be looking for call center jobs.

I don't currently own a car. And when I do buy another car it will be a old one. I like old cars. I used to drive a 1987 BMW 325i convertible. I plan to buy a 1977 Corvette when I do get another. So old cars aren't always reliable.

With that said, I either ride the bus or walk.
Even when I get a car, I will walk if possible, I like to walk alot, I hate driving.
And if the old car isn't running I may have to go back to the bus anyway.
So the bus system is important.
So is ability to walk places.

It's important to me to live in a city that has low violent crime and low theft rates. I want to feel safe & I don't want to feel like I'm going to be robbed.

I do not want to live in any section of town that has a lot of Blacks.

I'm not racist, but I like White women, and I want to surround myself with plenty of opportunities.

I don't drink, unless it's a very rare occasion, and then it's only a beer to be social with a date, but most of the time it's Champagne, since I don't drink often, I drink good stuff like Dom Perignon when I do drink.

I don't like Sports.

I don't like Dive bars.

I like to go to a pretty park, or museum, or nice restaurant or wine bar.

My cost of living in Austin breaks down like this....

Rent for a 1 bedroom 650 sq ft apartment $631 a month
Monthly bus pass $33 a month
Water $57 a month
Electric $50 - $130 a month depending on time of year
Apartment Insurance $17 a month
Food & Water $225 a month
Phone $50 a month
Internet $80 a month

That's a breakdown of what it cost me to live in Austin each month. I've been here 4 years.

Last job I worked at here was Time Warner Cable at $13 a hour
Before that Minacs/General Motors at $12.15 a hour
And I also worked at Interactive Life Forms (Fleshlight) for $8.50 a hour when I first moved here

My photo is attached here to my profile.

I am attracted to THIN/Skinny girls.

I don't like tats or piercings on women.
Seriously repulsive man wants to date a conservative hot chick.
I am a very dominant, old fashioned man. I have traditional morals & values.

I am not a gambler, so I don't feel like Casinos are going to be a big deal to me if I move to Vegas unless it's to work in one.

Also, I may live in a motel for the 1st few months if I move there to avoid the initial expense of deposits & utilities.

Are there motels & apartments in similar price to the $631 a month that I pay now within walking distance to the Strip?

I'm not looking to live in a place that has bedbugs, roaches or a lot of crackheads waiting to rip me off or steal my stuff while I am at work.

So that's a little info about myself, so you can know a bit about me & my current situation.

What's the dating scene like there for people of my color & age?????

How does it compare to Austin? Phoenix?

Where do you recommend I move?

I've read in this forum that some threads describe Las Vegas as the worst city in the world, even Hell on Earth.... is this true?????

Austin seems to be more of a college town dominated by liberals.

Therefore I am thinking I may be too old for most of the women in Austin. Most people here are under 35 if you google the demographics. Also, 60% of the population is Hispanic here, and while I think many Hispanic women are sexy, they just don't seem to be very open to dating outside their race.

Also there seems to bee too many femi-nazis here, and I think women in a more conservative atmosphere may be more attracted to me.

I can take the heat. I would rather be hot than cold. And it's usually 100 degrees everyday here in Austin June, July & August.
Conservative agitator has an online dating website.
Let me know the pros & cons.

If you need more info from me to better know what I am looking for, just ask.

Romeo Rose

Uh, you say you're not a racist. Whatever, chump!

You have the nerve to compare Black people to monkeys. You're calling interracial sex with a Black person bestiality. You say that you'll never live in a town that has too many Black folks.

Could someone please send this loser back to the rock he'd crawled out of?

Seriously, would you be happy to date this individual?

I have an idea for the loser?

Can't he go to That Guy Who Helped Obama Win's website? That conservative agitator once had a dating website for White people to meet up.


S Baldwin said...

That sums it up. He's a loser. And, no, white women aren't lining up to date him, not even hot conservative women.

Thelman said...

His dad has much better luck with the ladies.

Anonymous said...


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