Thursday, March 27, 2014

Barbara Lee: Bill O'Reilly Ain't Nothing But A Damn Race-Baiter!

California Democratic congresswoman Barbara Lee can tell you that she was once a single mother on food stamps. She can testify to how living poor was rough. 

California Democratic congresswoman Barbara Lee didn't take kind to the accusations being thrown at her by the conservative agitator. The agitator had Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) on to defend his controversial statements about intercity people being too lazy to work.

She devoted her time as a lawmaker to ensure that no child will never go hungry. She is a progressive voice who believes in the American safety net. She doesn't take kindly to people like Ryan and O'Loofus (both privileged White men) telling the public that "you're a parasite" if you're getting "gubmint" assistance.

Ryan, the former vice presidential nominee went on Bill "Abort Black Babies And Crime Will Go Down" Bennett's program to rant about how those "gubmint" parasites are not working and he had his "Path to Prosperity" plan on the come out!

He would say something that rang the bells. It's like he and his former running mate perennial loser Mitt Romney can't keep their traps shut. These two losers can't muster enough to go into an intercity neighborhood to at least talk to those who work at least two jobs a day.

Lee condemned the comments by Ryan. She asks for the condescending politico to apologize.

Ryan referred to the "tailspin of culture in our inner cities." Lee in turn called Ryan's comments a "thinly veiled racial attack."

“Let’s be clear, when Mr. Ryan says 'inner city,' when he says, 'culture,' these are simply code words for what he really means: 'black,'" Lee said in a statement.

On The O'Loofus Factor, Ryan said he has no bad feelings toward Lee, noting he's "a big boy" and understands that "if you challenge the status quo, sometimes you'll be misinterpreted."

Looks like she's not going to get that apology.
O'Loofus calls the poor and needy, parasites. Paul Ryan sits there and agrees.
O'Loofus decided to takes her to task by labeling her a "race hustler".

O'Loofus claims that Lee don't want to have a conversation and that they "get voted into office by portraying their constituents as victims."

"And it's all your fault and it's my fault and it's rich people's fault and the Republicans' fault," O'Reilly said. "It's everybody's fault except what's going on ... The race hustlers don't want to solve the problem."

Blow the dog whistle, cause we got another rabble rousing statement about Blacks yet again.

Now the conservative agitator and his network Loserville are the provocateurs of racial inst.

The congresswoman was pissed with the interview and decided to let O'Loofus know that she's not a "race hustler". But she added that O'Loofus and his network run ratings on racism. She issues a statement.

Unfortunately we’ve come to expect language like “welfare queens,” “food stamp president,” and now “race hustlers” from the right wing and Mr. O’Reilly. It is disgusting and divisive and should never be accepted in our national discourse.
For us to achieve the American dream for all, we must engage in this conversation that has been sparked about race and poverty, even if it is difficult for some. Racial discrimination, poverty, and income inequality remain issues that must be debated and addressed, and these kinds of ‘code words’ only get in the way of solving the real problems.
As members of Congress, we must come together to present a budget and funding priorities that create opportunity for all. We must make critical investments in job creation, education, and job training. Among many issues, we must address extending unemployment insurance, raising the minimum wage, enacting criminal justice reform, and securing voting rights for communities of color, so that we can truly find solutions to these critical issues.
Yeah, I agree with her. The conservative network is the heart of the racial extremism in America.

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