Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Obama On Mandela: We Reflex On The Life Of A Great Man!

World leaders reflect on the life of Nelson Mandela.

President Barack Obama along with former presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter were accompanied to the funeral of former South African president Nelson Mandela.

So many world leaders and so little security. Peaceful and somber was the word from most heads of state leaders. A bit of controversy (which will be explained in the next posting) has drove the American racist right into a frenzy.

A mild handshake with a leader of a country many stateside considered the "enemy" has the conservatives pissed off.

Anyways President Barack Obama delivers a somber and powerful speech in the memory of the former South African president. His reflection of Mandela has driven the spirit that keeps the president going here in the United States.

In a country deeply divided over politics, Obama shines a beam of "HOPE" that Americans will work together to solve the nation's problems together. He knows the road is extremely hard with those rabble rousing voices of opposition in the corner. But he hopes that the rational notices it and begins the onward ignorance of the likes of Rush Limbaugh (aka King Hippo), Fox News (aka Loserville) and Matt Drudge (aka That Guy Who Throws Shit On The Wall).

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