Monday, December 02, 2013

Tell Ya Sexual Partner You Got HIV Or Go To The Iron College!

Nick Rhodes must wear GPS tracking when he goes to work. He is on probation for failing to tell his partner that he's got the deadly virus. He and millions of Americans infected could be sentenced to the iron college if they were tested for HIV and have unprotected sex with women and men.

Buzzfeed tells a story of a gay man who was threatened with time in the iron college after he revealed to his partner that he was tested positive for HIV. The man engaged in sex with his partner and wore a condom.

But in the state of Iowa, the partner can contact the law even if the person they've slept with is HIV positive and regardless if they wore protection, the partner's life was in danger.

It's a CLASS 3 FELONY in the United States for a person to have engage in sex if they knowingly have HIV and they failed to notify their sexual partners. You could get LIFE in the iron college if you're one of the reckless individuals caught up in this.

Earlier this year, a woman from Cincinnati attacked her partner after she told him she's infected. A man from Missouri was arrested after he had slept with 300 men and women and failed to tell the one partner he infected.

Whether you're straight or gay, sex is a pleasure and a problem.

Agreed, most Americans love sex.


But in the digital age, sex is promoted through the music, the television, the books, the movies, the video games and yes the news.

It's a billion dollar industry. It's the American Porn Industry. That big breast woman or the huge penis man could be the newest sensation for bored couples. Yeah, who's not turned on by that?

Prostitution is the world's oldest profession and women get easy cash for dangerous risks.

Teachers sleeping with their students, managers sleeping with their co-workers, politicos caught in sex scandals and individuals getting caught in public having sex.

HIV is still here. It's going to be here and until there's a cure, it's going to be an epidemic in America and the rest of the world.

Nick Rhodes a man from Iowa was booked for having sex with his 22-year old partner Adam Plendl.

His ordeal went from on online connection to almost getting 25 years in the iron college for even daring to have a loving relationship.

He shares his story with ProPublica and Buzzfeed.

Any thoughts on this?

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