Thursday, September 05, 2013

Zimmerman In Trouble Again!

An officer films acquitted shooter George Zimmerman during a police stop.

Like I've said, George Zimmerman better keep a low profile.

The most hated man in America is a target. And despite his life being forever watching his shoulder, he's entitled to do whatever he wants. But again, the boys in blue continue to catch him doing things that usually land people in the iron collage.

That idiot continues to be in the news. Instead of being some bitch in the iron college, this asshole got his freedom. He killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. He was found not guilty and he walked out wearing his suit (not his hoodie).

It set off a broad landscape of issues involving racial profiling, gun laws and the U.S. justice system.

He was in Florida when he was stopped by a police officer. He was traveling 60 mph in a 45 mph zone.

He couldn't escape a ticket this time. According to the junk food media, he was issued a fine for this.

Yeah, it's been over a month since he was acquitted of the shooting. A nation watched this man avoid the iron college after he shot the unarmed teen. He claims it was self-defense.
Shellie Zimmerman pleas guilty to perjury. She also filling divorce from her husband George Zimmerman.
There were stories of him coming to the aid of injured motorist. A police stop in Texas where he was speeding and was carrying a firearm in the compartment. And two weeks ago, he was at the gun manufacturer that made the firearm that killed Trayvon Martin. Even his attorney Mark O'Mara wanted the state of Florida to pay for his court cost. Zimmerman plans on filing a lawsuit against Obama News for defamation of character.

George Zimmerman's father Robert wrote an ebook about the case calling the NAACP, President Barack Obama and Al Sharpton "race hucksters" and the media "scum" for smearing his son. His brother Robert, Jr. made offensive post on the social networks about Black youth. His "unofficial" spokesperson Frank Taaffe was on the news channels and a White extremist radio show making disparaging comments about Trayvon Martin and throwing his two cents into the Chris Lane murder. Each individual tried to paint Trayvon Martin as a "thug" and "hoodlum" who would end up killing people like Chris Lane.

Also his woes continue. His wife Shellie is dumping him.

After pleading guilty to perjury for lying about their finances, the wife of George Zimmerman is apparently filing for divorce from him.

ABC News claims that Shellie wasn't getting support in her case. As she was sentenced to three years probation and a fine, hubby wasn't no where in court.

Apparently there was trouble at home before the February 2012 shooting. But that's just hearsay.

All you know is that's not important. What's important is that you vote in the next election.

We must show state and federal lawmakers that these "Stand Your Ground" laws are legal murder.

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