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Fox Host: I'll Go On A Diet If [More Americans] Qualify For Food Stamps!

Andrea Tantaros
Andrea Tantaros, Fox News commentator.
That's not what Andrea Tantaros said, but that's what she believes. The United States Department of Agriculture has the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help Americans who have to feed their families.

Republicans are still simmering over their loss in the presidential election. Conservatives are fuming over the rise in food stamps. They still think that individuals who depend on government assistance as "parasites".

Those "parasites" voted against the Republicans and sent perennial loser Mitt Romney and many others packing!

The Five is on Fox News. The show replaced Glenn Beck in 2011.

Since the show's beginning they've had a handful of individuals debate the latest issues around Washington, DC and America. The show is round table of conservative agitation with former Jimmy Carter adviser Bob Beckel, the token liberal.

Tantaros, Bob Beckel, Greg Gutfield, Dan Perino, and Kimberly Guilfoyle are the feature players of the show.

What was said on that program makes you wonder why Republicans have no heart for the middle class!

What was said makes you wonder why Mitt Romney shown disdain for the American people!

This type of nonsense is regurgitated through Americans who have no clear understanding of reality. These individuals show no compassion towards those who are government assistance.

I've stated this once again for the ones who read this and many articles posted by me and LeReyna:

The safety net includes social security, disaster relief for hurricanes and earthquakes, disability, food stamps, farm aid, Medicare, Medicaid, the Pell grant, veteran's assistance and welfare.

The middle class, lower class and those who are too poor are the core of the safety net.

With the rising food and gas prices, people are turning to food stamps, food banks and government assistance to keep themselves from landing in the homeless shelter.

Without a safety net, these people will rob and kill those who have the luxuries of having food in the refrigerator or in the pantry. They would steal fuel, water, bread and meat to keep feeding their families. And yet, these Republicans and their conservative allies are thinking the poor are the reasons for the economic recession. Perhaps those who complain about the poor, should walk a day in that person's shoes!

The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement are heartless when it comes to the lower and middle class. In their warped minds, the lower class and those who are too poor are stealing from the taxpayers by accepting food stamps, welfare and necessaries.

We've seen how conservatives reacted to the Lifeline Phone program. An Ohio woman  who supports President Barack Obama (by the way, she's Black) was harping about the "OBAMA PHONE". The woman was considered middle class and she was saying that the president was giving away "free stuff" if he's elected!

Now if you're a rational person, you've ignored that! But in the minds of conservatives, this woman is a government parasite, and the word salad of racial slurs and Obama name dropping.

If you're wondering about the dog whistle comments by perennial loser Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), when it comes to food stamps and poverty, you'll hear them say that they're trying to create prosperity not dependency!

The Republicans and their conservative allies are trying to create a NIGGERIZATION of the president.

With talk about the first Black president being aloof, a giver to dependency, and willing to allow events happen while he's partying with celebrities are dog whistles to White conservative males.

Think Progress and the Huffington Post has reported that Fox News' Andrea Tantaros, who co-hosts "The Five," likened food stamps to a dieting technique during her appearance on Fox Business.

When host Stuart Varney asked her if she could live off $133 to spend on food monthly, Tantaros replied, "I should try it because do you know how fabulous I’d look?"

She continued, "I’d be so skinny. I mean, the camera adds ten pounds, it really does. I’d be looking great." Varney seemed fairly amused by her answer.

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