Friday, October 05, 2012

Did Mitt Romney Cheat At The Debate?

Okay, the left is developing a conspiracy theory to why Mitt Romney trounced the president in the first national debate between him and President Barack Obama. They believe that he pulled out a cheat sheet.

Now some are saying after the candidates appeared in front of the cameras, the Republican nominee turns slightly and lays something on the podium within the first moment he arrives.

Now I am not saying much about this controversy, because it's reeks of desperation and slightly a panic with progressives and their Democratic Party allies. They're fearing that the poor performance of the president will hang around his neck and turn the polls in Mitt Romney's favor.

The polls show a bounce will come for Mitt Romney and it will narrow soon!

As of right now, President Barack Obama against Mitt Romney is 50% - 45% (leans Democratic).

The Mitt Romney campaign goes to the one place he feels comfortable to talk about his debate victory, the Fox News Channel and its matriarch asshole, Sean Hannity.

Mitt Romney avoids going on the other cable networks based on his perception that they'll either give him challenging questions (aka facts/liberal spin).

Fox News is notorious for being staunchly anti-Obama and its showing through its desperate stories to paint the jobs report as "bogus facts". They've ran selective videos from links off The Drudge Report or The Daily Caller in an attempt to paint the president as "anti-White!"

Mitt Romney also pissed off PBS and Sesame Street after he told moderator Jim Leherer that he loves Big Bird but still will cut funding to the network.

Now this cheating thing is a stretch but if one would examine the thing that he tossed on the podium, I determined it was a handkerchief and not a piece of paper.

Okay, instead of getting upset over the Romney Campaign trying to cutting funding to PBS or lying about the president's record, just go to the voting polls and not worry about it!

Early voting hurts Mitt Romney. The Republicans rather go to the polls on Election Day. President Barack Obama and his campaign team can communicate to their supporters through email, cell phones and social media to get people to the polls.

Now here's a video from a commentator.

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