Sunday, June 03, 2012

Told Ya So! They're Calling The "Miami Zombie" One Of [Obama's] Sons! [NSFW]

A joke, right? This was circulating around the conservative forums. A banner with Justice for Rudy Eugene, the Miami Zombie. This circulated from white supremacists websites.

This is not a safe for work piece. I stress this for two reasons. It's going to attract conservatives and white supremacists. They'll create a hostile environment for the good readers of this piece. The images that appear below might unease some who aren't hip to gory images.
The gruesome incident in Florida has attracted international attention. Here on Journal De La Reyna, I wrote a piece about it and it went viral.

I predicted this would happen. These online bigots will once again raise their ugly heads from underneath the bandwidth bridge to make trouble at the expense of the Black community and their chief foe, President Barack Obama.

Extremism is on the rise. Conservative white men are growing more anxious about the economy. Alongside a non-stop barrage of right wing agitation from the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, The Drudge Report and Fox News, one could figure the next tragedy could occur in some town. This small town will be the backdrop of a mass killing done by a person who has such disdain for progressive causes, Civil Rights, with a dose of chauvinism against women and anti-gay stances. These White nationalists need recruits. They can get the returning soldier, the fired police officer and the typical naive street kid who's willing to be the "gofer" to a race war.

These online jerks at those white supremacist watering holes figured out a way to agitate the tragedy by making light of the shooting and killing of Rudy Eugene, a North Miami man who was allegedly high on bath salts when he disfigured a homeless man. I choose to keep the name of the victim off this piece out of respect of his family. What he's going to face is going to be a forever life changing experience, if he should survive this incident. What's being circled around the internet is a banner with words like Justice for Rudy Eugene. In the banner the person wrote that:
“This man was a victim of racial prejudice and bigotry. Eating another person is a widespread and ancient tradition in Africa. He was shot only because the narrow minded cops failed to recognize the cultural diversity of our community.”
Now you're wondering why it's always the Republican Party pandering to playing upon the fears. They already have an advantage with white voters. What they need now is to elevate the case against the big black scary guy who munches on honest hard working patriot. Of course add a few snide word salad comments like painting this man as one of [Obama's] sons.

Alas, this is not your father's Republican Party. This is the party of extremism. This party is not valuing the principles of the Tea Party Movement. What was a movement about government spending became a rallying call for extremists to make the case against progress. Red meat issues such as abortion, race, birth certificates, stripping unions of collective bargaining rights, drug testing low income citizens, and voter identification laws are part of the agenda of extremists within the Republican Party. It hijacked it and turn it into a corporate outfit that's sponsored by the likes of Karl Rove, Roger Ailes and the Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

This type of stuff should be dismissed by the Tea Party and members of the Republican Party.

But they're not going to do it. They're scared to apologize. They don't want to come off as hypocrites when they say the president apologizes for incidents done by Americans overseas.

Bath salts are dangerous substances and it's about time lawmakers do something about it. In Ohio, a Democratic state representative Clayton Luckie, introduced a bill that bans statewide purchase of bath salts in the state.

Governor John Kasich signed the bill into law. It makes it a felony in the state of Ohio to be in possession of those type of chemically induced hallucinating substances.

This incident will have Florida lawmakers look into it. Hopefully this and the Trayvon Martin incident will have embattled Republican governor Rick Scott working to appeal to all his state's residents.

So to those reading once again. I will not allow comments on this article. I doubt this will go viral, but I guaranteed that this incident is worthy of a JibJab 2012 - 2013 jingle.

Special thanks to Matthew Desmond, Wendy Gittleson and the staff over at Addicting Info for following this.

Once again these pictures are disturbing. I urge those who have computers at work not to share this with your fellow workers.


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