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The War On Terrorism And The Countdown To The 2010 Olympics

By Dana Gabriel for The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics will be the largest security operation in Canadian history. It will include more than 15,000 Canadian Forces, private security personnel, along with the RCMP and other police agencies. The U.S. will also provide security and support for the Games. With the Olympics fast approaching, the fear of terrorism is back in the public’s psyche. Although there has been no specific threats to the Games, more than anything, it is the danger of terrorism which is used to justify the huge security operation. This is further advancing the militarization of North America and U.S.-Canada military and security integration. The Olympics will take bi-national security cooperation to a whole new level. Unmanned drones are patrolling the U.S.-Canada border as part of the war on terrorism and to curb smuggling, along with drug trafficking. It is unclear if they will be used for surveillance during the Games, but U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman, Juan Munoz-Torres has stated that, “If the RCMP or Canadian government believes they can make use of the aircraft for support during the Olympics, we will be more than willing to provide it.” In Afghanistan, Pakistan and other parts of the world, armed American drones continue to carry out strikes against suspected terrorists and insurgents. It is interesting that many of the weapons used in the war on terrorism overseas are later deployed for domestic purposes. The use of unmanned drones on the northern border will only add to the further militarization of North America.

The People of Walmart: An Exercise in Classism, Misogyny, and Fat Bashing- From Womanist Musings

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Monoplists, Public Policy and Indigenous Rights

Submitted by Sina Brown-Davis via:Fourth World Eye » The World Trade Organization is essentially the world’s “chamber of commerce” sanctioned by states’ governments to regulate public policy. It is now quite commonly accepted in the assemblies of government that when public policies (health, education, economic, human rights, indigenous rights, etc) prevent profit or reduce profits for a corporation (read trans-state corporation) the policy is twisted to favor profit and reject benefits to the public. Big corporations often supported by BINGOs (big international non-governmental organizations) seek to maintain monopolies–rejecting and defeating free enterprise competition. Protecting monopolies has become the norm instead of the exception. Free enterprise competition is given lip service but little else.States’ governments fail to regulate corporations. (Since the US President Jimmy Carter Administration states’ governments led by the US have stripped themselves of all regulatory powers with the help of corporations.) Since the 2008 collapse of international financial institutions and the consequent breakdown of domestic economies few political leaders have strained to push for reregulation. For those trying their efforts have largely been obstructed by overwhelming corporate, political party brethren, ngos and public information media [owned by major corporations] opposition and propaganda.

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Womanist Musings: Blogger Paul Shirley To Haitians: Please Use A Condom Once In A While

Womanist Musings: "Thursday, January 28, 2010
Blogger Paul Shirley To Haitians: Please Use A Condom Once In A While

I wish that I could say that the tragedy in Haiti has caused people to recognize Western culpability in the state of that country. I wish I could say that now that eyes have been opened, that the worldview of Haiti will change but such thoughts are utopian at best. Even in the worst of circumstances there are always going to be those that hold onto their privilege with a death grip because to do otherwise would mean recognizing that they are not entitled to the life of ease to which they have become accustomed." Read more at Womanist Musings regarding this pathetic POS views on Haitians.

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ACORN Pimp Arrested: FBI probe "activist" in Louisiana

Conservative activists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles poised as a "pimp" and "prostitute" in an attempt to uncover wrongdoing at community housing group Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). They generated mainstream coverage after they filmed several workers talking about illegal activities.
The roller coaster of stupidity in the name of conservatism. James O'Keefe, 25 along with three other men were arrested for attempting "bug" Louisiana Democratic senator Mary Landrieu's main office in New Orleans.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing in the media, investigative journalism. Andrew Breitbart, a conservative blogger with ties to Matt Drudge was promoting videos by O'Keefe and his former girlfriend Hannah Giles. The pair were convinced that the community organization group ACORN was responsible for Barack Obama's victory in 2008 through "voter fraud" and "illicit activities". They traveled to ten ACORN locations and managed to videotape a few of the workers talking about "how to created fake voter registrations", "smuggling El Salvadoran children for prostitution" and convinced a woman to "admit that she murdered her husband". They wanted to expose the liberal lies and shame the group.

The CEO of the community group Bertha Lewis slammed the pair, Fox News (which heavily promoted the pair) and the Republican Party for creating a "witch hunt" and slander of an organization that helps low income families find housing. ACORN is currently in the process of suing Breitbart, O'Keefe and Giles for restitution and unauthorized filming in a private business.

The impact of the videos affected the lawmakers and many broke ties to the group. The House of Representatives and Senate have voted unanimously to sever funding to the organization group. The U.S. Justice Department is fighting the repeal the decision made by Congress.

Since the videos were posted on YouTube, O'Keefe and Giles became internet sensations. Unfortunately, Ms. Giles image was tarnished in the matter and hasn't been featured in many of the filming by O'Keefe.

To make matters worse, this arrest has been buzzing across the internet. Many liberals are thrilled to see this person arrest, and conservative voice despair and anger to the actions. One prominent conservative activist, Michelle Malkin dismissed him and severed ties to O'Keefe. In one of her postings, Malkin stated:

"Let it be a lesson to aspiring young conservatives interested in investigative journalism: Know your limits! "Know the law. Don’t get carried away. And don’t become what you are targeting."

Details on the matter: Associated Press

Conservative ties bind 4 La. phone plot suspects

New Orleans (AP) - Four men accused of trying to tamper with Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's office phones shared a common experience as young ideologues writing for conservative publications.

Federal authorities said two of the men posed as telephone workers with hard hats, tool belts and fluorescent vests and walked into Landrieu's office in a New Orleans federal building Monday. The others are accused of helping to organize the plan.

The most well-known suspect is James O'Keefe, 25, who posed as a pimp for a hidden-camera expose that damaged the reputation of the liberal community-organizing group ACORN and made him a conservative darling.

O'Keefe and suspect Joseph Basel, 24, formed their own conservative publications on their college campuses. A third suspect, Stan Dai, 24, was editor of his university's conservative paper and directed a program aimed at getting college students interested in the intelligence field after 9/11.

The fourth suspect, Robert Flanagan, 24, wrote for the New Orleans-based conservative Pelican Institute and had recently criticized Landrieu for voting in favor of health care legislation after securing a Medicaid provision helpful to her state.

O'Keefe was a featured speaker at a Pelican Institute luncheon days before his arrest, though institute president Kevin Kane said Wednesday that he had no idea what happened at Landrieu's office or what the four were doing there. Flanagan, son of the acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, was a contract worker for the institute, mostly writing for its blog.

"Robert has done terrific work and I think very highly of him, and am very sorry to see him in this difficult situation," Kane said.

It's not yet clear whether the plan was a prank intended to be captured on camera or a more serious attempt at political espionage, as claimed by state Democrats who dubbed it "Louisiana Watergate."

Democratic National Committee spokesman Hari Sevugan said Republicans once praised O'Keefe as an American hero, "yet today, in light of these deplorable and illegal attacks on the office of a United States senator by their champion, Republicans have not offered a single iota of disgust, a whisper of indignation or even a hint of outrage."

In October, Rep. Pete Olson, R-Texas, sponsored a resolution praising O'Keefe and the woman who posed as a prostitute, Hannah Giles, for their investigation of "fraudulent and illegal practices and misuse of taxpayer dollars" by ACORN. Thirty-one Republican congressmen signed on as co-sponsors.

In response to the arrests, Olson said that "if recent events conclude that any laws were broken in the incident in Sen. Landrieu's office — that is not something I condone."

A witness told authorities O'Keefe was sitting in the waiting area of Landrieu's office and appeared to record Basel and Flanagan on his cell phone when they arrived posing as phone workers. Landrieu, who was in Washington at the time, said in a statement that the plot was "unsettling" for her and her staff.

A federal law enforcement official said one of the suspects was picked up in a car a couple of blocks away with a listening device that could pick up transmissions. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the information was not part of the FBI affidavit. Another official said Dai was the suspect arrested outside.

All four were charged with entering federal property under false pretenses for the purpose of committing a felony, which carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

"It was poor judgment," Flanagan's lawyer, Garrison Jordan, said. "I don't think there was any intent or motive to commit a crime."

O'Keefe, Basel and Dai returned to the courthouse carrying suitcases Wednesday morning for private appointments with the department that handles arrangements with defendants before trial. None would comment as they entered and exited the courthouse.

Flanagan, who was not with them, is the only suspect who lives in Louisiana. Basel is from Minnesota; O'Keefe, New Jersey; and Dai, the D.C.-Virginia area.

As O'Keefe left jail Tuesday with Dai and Basel, he said only "Veritas," Latin for truth.

As he got into a cab outside, O'Keefe said, "The truth shall set me free." His father, James O'Keefe, Jr., of Westwood, N.J., said he had not spoken to his son in several days and did not know he had traveled to New Orleans, let alone why he went to Landrieu's office.

"That would not be something that I can even imagine him doing," he said. "I think this is going to be blown out of proportion."

The allegations were quickly condemned by ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now. Its political affiliates have registered hundreds of thousands of voters in urban and other poor areas of the country.

O'Keefe's arrest "is further evidence of his disregard for the law in pursuit of his extremist agenda," ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis said in a statement. The organization's Twitter feed commented on the news: "Couldn't have happened to a more deserving soul."

Last year, O'Keefe used a hidden camera to record ACORN staffers who appeared to offer illegal tax advice and support the misuse of public funds and illegal trafficking in children.

The videos were first posted on, a site run by conservative Andrew Breitbart. In the past, Breitbart has said O'Keefe — now a paid contributor to — is an independent filmmaker, not an employee.

In an e-mail to The Associated Press, Breitbart said: "We have no knowledge about or connection to any alleged acts and events involving James O'Keefe at Senator Mary Landrieu's office."

Dai is a former assistant director of a program at Trinity Washington University that taught students about careers in intelligence, university president Patricia McGuire said. It was part of a national effort to interest students at liberal arts colleges in careers in intelligence but did not teach spy craft, she said.

He was listed as a "freelance consultant" in a Junior Statesmen program at the Central Intelligence Agency where he appeared as a speaker.

O'Keefe and Basel were also active in conservative publications at their respective colleges, Rutgers University and the University of Minnesota-Morris. They gave a joint interview Jan. 14 to, a Web site that supports college conservatives on student publications.

"I happen to call what I do shoe leather journalism and not advocacy journalism," O'Keefe was quoted as saying. "So, I would consider it just journalism."


Associated Press Writers Kevin McGill in New Orleans, Pete Yost in Washington, Justin Pritchard in Los Angeles and Ben Nuckols in Baltimore contributed to this report.

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Tea Party Disputes Take Toll on Convention

By KATE ZERNIKE The New York Times,
Published: January 25, 2010

A Tea Party convention billed as the coming together of the grass-roots groups that began sprouting up around the country a year ago is unraveling as sponsors and participants pull out to protest its expense and express concerns about “profiteering.”

The convention’s difficulties highlight the fractiousness of the Tea Party groups, and the considerable suspicions among their members of anything that suggests the establishment.

The convention, to be held in Nashville in early February, made a splash by attracting big-name politicians. (Former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech.) But some groups have criticized the cost — $549 per ticket and a $9.95 fee, plus hotel and airfare — as out of reach for the average tea partier. And they have balked at Ms. Palin’s speaking fee, which news reports have put at $100,000, a figure that organizers will not confirm or deny.

Tea Party events exploded last winter, as increasingly large gatherings protested the federal stimulus bill, government bailouts and proposed health care legislation. While they vary by name, specific tenets and relative embrace of anarchy, such groups tend to unite around fiscal conservatism and a belief that the federal government — whether led by Republicans or Democrats — has overstepped its constitutional powers.

Tea Party Nation, the convention organizer, started as a social networking site for the groups last year, a kind of Facebook for conservatives to “form bonds, network and make plans for action.” But its founders, former sponsors and participants are now trading accusations.

Philip Glass, the national director of the National Precinct Alliance, announced late Sunday that “amid growing controversy” around the convention, his organization would no longer participate. His group seeks to take over the Republican Party from the bottom by filling the ranks of local and state parties with grass-roots conservatives, and Mr. Glass had been scheduled to lead workshops on its strategy.

“We are very concerned about the appearance of T.P.N. profiteering and exploitation of the grass-roots movement,” he said in a statement. “We were under the impression that T.P.N. was a nonprofit organization like N.P.A., interested only in uniting and educating Tea Party activists on how to make a real difference in the political arena.”

Mr. Glass said he was also concerned about the role in the convention of groups like Tea Party Express, which has held rallies across the country through two bus tours, and FreedomWorks, a Tea Party umbrella. He called them “Republican National Committee-related groups,” and added, “At best, it creates the appearance of an R.N.C. hijacking; at worst, it is one.”

Erick Erickson, the editor of the influential conservative blog, wrote this month that something seemed “scammy” about the convention. And the American Liberty Alliance withdrew as a sponsor after its members expressed concerns about the convention’s finances being channeled through private bank accounts and its organizer being “for profit.”

“When we look at the $500 price tag for the event and the fact that many of the original leaders in the group left over similar issues, it’s hard for us not to assume the worst,” Eric Odom, the executive director of the American Liberty Alliance and an organizer of the tax day rallies last April, wrote on the group’s Web site.

Sherry Phillips, who founded and runs Tea Party Nation with her husband, Judson, said Monday that it is not a nonprofit group.

Ms. Phillips said the American Liberty Alliance was “a for-profit company that takes donations.” The National Precinct Alliance, she said, demanded compensation of around $3,000. “Our budget on this convention is very tight and we could not afford them,” she wrote in an e-mail message.

She declined to comment on Ms. Palin’s speaking fee.

“If there is any profit,” Ms. Phillips said, “the money will go toward furthering the cause of conservatism.”

Mr. Glass denied that his group had requested money and said convention organizers had asked his group to pay $2,200 to speak.

As for FreedomWorks, it is not a convention sponsor. Tea Party leaders in training sessions at the group’s headquarters on Monday said their members, for the most part, could not afford the convention or were not interested.

An earlier version of this article erroneously said that Sherry Phillips called the Tea Party a "nonprofit" group.

Fox News leaves false report on Haiti uncorrected By Daniel Tencer

January 25th, 2010
By Daniel Tencer, reporter The Raw Story

Fox News is staying silent after bloggers and commentators criticized the news network for a January 13 report on its Web site that stated Cuba was "absent" from global aid efforts in Haiti.

Observers note that the communist country was, in fact, one of the first to arrive after the earthquake that is now estimated to have taken the lives of 200,000 people. That has led some bloggers to accuse Fox of using the devastation in Haiti to propagandize against Cuba.

In an online news story entitled "US Spearheads Global Response to Haiti Earthquake," Fox reported that "one geographically close country is conspicuously absent from the roster of helping hands. Cuba, which had evacuated some of its residents as a precaution in case the earthquake triggered a tsunami, has so far not offered any assistance publicly to its devastated island neighbor."

"The opposite is the case," reports Tony Iltis at Green Left Online. "At the time the earthquake struck, Cuba already had 344 doctors and paramedics working in Haiti. Also, in the past 12 years 450 young Haitians have graduated as doctors from Cuban colleges, free of charge."

Iltis reported:

From January 13, more teams of Cuban health workers, accompanied by Haitian medical students studying in Cuba, began arriving in Haiti with medical supplies.

A January 12 Granma article said that, within a week of the earthquake: “Cuban doctors in the Haitian capital [had held] 13,418 consultancies, with 1,078 operations, more than 550 of them considered major surgery. The Cuban doctors have also assisted 38 births.”

Notably, on the same day that Fox published its report, the network also ran an article from the Associated Press that stated, "Cuba, which already had hundreds of doctors in Haiti, treated injured in field hospitals."

Fox doesn't appear to have corrected the error. As of press time, the network had not responded to Raw Story's repeated requests for comment.

For nearly two weeks media watchdogs have been complaining that Fox News has been minimizing its coverage of the Haiti earthquake. MediaMatters reported that, in the first full day after the earthquake -- Jan. 13 -- MSNBC devoted 20 times as much time to Haiti as Fox News, and on January 14, the ratio was roughly five to one.

But other observers say the lack of coverage is more widespread than Fox News. Freelance journalist Dave Lindorff reported last week that Cuba was commonly overlooked when US news outlets reported on international aid efforts.

Far from “doing nothing” about the disaster as the right-wing propagandists at Fox-TV were charging, Cuba has been one of the most effective and critical responders to the crisis, because it had set up a medical infrastructure before the quake, which was able to mobilize quickly and start treating the victims.

If Cuba is to share any blame for the misconception that it's doing nothing, it may be that the government in Havana simply didn't put out a press release fast enough. A Jan. 13 article in Granma, the Cuban state-run publication, didn't mention Cuban relief efforts. That led bloggers to post the article as proof Cuba was absent from the rescue effort.

But news of the country's efforts is slowly beginning to trickle into the United States. On Monday, NPR reported that "the day after the earthquake struck the Cuban doctors reopened two hospitals. Since the Cubans live in the poorest neighborhoods amongst the most disadvantaged Haitians they were actually the first responders."

Note: Fox News didn't cover the Haiti telethon.

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Nazi Group Adopts A Highway Near Brighton

Nazi Group Adopts A Highway Near Brighton


Missing Black Woman Alert: Porsha Delano is missing

Missing Black Woman Alert. Porsha Delano of Chicago has been missing since 01/16/10 Learn more:

#Haiti looting horror: Girl shot dead by #police for taking paintings

15-year-old lies dead after being shot in the head in The horrifying aftermath of Haiti's earthquake has claimed another victim in the form of a 15-year-old girl, an apparent looter, shot dead by police. Fabienne Cherisma was killed with a bullet to the head after taking paintings from a wrecked shop in downtown Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. Pictures of the teenager show her slumped face down over one of the paintings and a trail of blood seeping from the wound. Witnesses said it was unclear if she was deliberately targeted or accidentally hit while police fired in the air to disperse a crowd which was carrying goods from Rue Grand Rice. A conflicting account gave her name as Fabienne Geismar and said she was killed in Rue Marthely Seiee.Police armed with rifles shot over the heads of the people and kicked a man, part of a delayed effort to regain control of a capital which has been lawless – but largely calm – since the 12 January earthquake.

Latin American Leaders: International relief operation in Haiti is a cover-up for a military takeover Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua say the US is using the international relief operation in Haiti as a cover-up for a military takeover. Bolivian President Evo Morales said that he will request an emergency UN meeting to reject what he calls the US military occupation of Haiti. "It's not right that the United States should use this natural disaster to invade and militarily occupy Haiti," Morales told a press conference on Wednesday. "If you have all these problems with the injured and the dead from the earthquake, you have to go there to save lives, and you don't do that from a military standpoint," he added. An outspoken critic of US policies, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez also had accused Washington of occupying Haiti "under the guise of the natural disaster." Nicaragua also has taken a similar stance toward US with respect to the situation in Haiti. The United States is deploying up to 20,000 troops to Haiti. US servicemen have taken control of the country's international airport. The Pentagon has sent one of its biggest aircraft carriers to Haiti, along with other navy and coast guard vessels. On Friday, Arturo Valenzuela, the US assistant secretary of state for Western hemisphere affairs rejected that the US was occupying Haiti."Haiti is a sovereign country, everybody respects Haiti's sovereign country, the United States respects Haiti's sovereignty," said Arturo Valenzuela.

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An Old 2004 Article: The Barometer Needs Fixin by Matthew C. Stelly

The “Barometer” Needs Fixin’:  Analysis of a World Herald Editorial On Race  by MATTHEW C. STELLY

Chainz-Off Productions

December 14, 2004


When a newspaper historically known as racist publishes an editorial on race relations, their motives are automatically racist. But in the case of the recent editorial, “Interracial Barometer: A Horrendous Assault Brings Reminder of Decline in One Type of Racial Bigotry,” (December 13th) more was displayed that the newspaper probably intended. Following are my views on this article, an article crammed with lies, historical distortions and the World Herald’s misinformed manifestations of social reality.

This short analysis of that article should serve as the basis of serious study and discussion regarding media credibility (or lack thereof), the role that race plays in analyzing social issues and, as I taught Tom Shaw several months back, the impact that bias has on editorial boards, most of which are lily-white as is the World Herald’s.

The article will also be used as but one more indicator to tourism entities that Omaha is not yet ready to deal with racial diversity.


Because the Omaha World Herald lacks racial diversity and indeed, uses white women to cover stories in the black community, its journalistic credibility should already be called into question. The fact that they see nothing wrong with this state of affairs is also an indicator of their collective ignorance of race and more importantly, of how the world is changing around them as they apparently opt to stand in place.

The article begins with the following description:

The windows of Joseph Parks’ Massachusetts house were smashed. He then was hit in the head, beaten, dragged to an apartment and stabbed in the chest with a knife. Burning cigarettes were placed on him. Racial slurs were written on his back. He was called a disgrace to his race, thrown out of a vehicle and dragged to the railroad tracks. Why? Park is a white man who once dated a black woman.

What was just described has happened to hundreds of thousands of black men over the years. When it happened in the South, the news media avoided printing these stories for the most part. When it happened in Omaha, the news media, led by the World Herald, did the same thing. In other words, the very institution that was supposed to be committed to providing news to the people was selective in what it chose to print. Why? Because of white racism, that’s why.

Now we have a white man who has been degraded because of his association with a black woman. But the World Herald doesn’t provide context. Was the man killed? Or was this one of those “warnings” that white folks gave their fellow race members for what they called “mongrelizing”? Without informing us of these facts, the World Herald is again showing how piecemeal and partial its reporting and even its editorializing truly is. It makes a big difference if the white man was killed or just beaten badly; it makes a difference how far back the “dating” went and what kind of relationship the two had. Was she his long-time companion? A concubine? A prostitute? What?

With this fundamental truth and contextual set of questions out of the way, journalistic rubrics that even the most defensive and ignorant individual can understand, we can proceed to the following passage:

An appalling story, from which society can take two things. The first is encouragement. Despite the hateful, disgusting display of racism inflicted upon Parks, it’s a story that thankfully has become a rare one told over the years.

First of all, the World Herald is in no position to inform “society” about how many things they can extract from a given story. This is ethnocentrism in its purest form: because these white males say there are two points, that is what every reader is supposed to believe? How about readers who have learned to read critically and can therefore think for themselves? It is not their role to tell the reader how many points a story contains: it is their job to present the story for the reader to glean. They could have wrote, “An appalling story, from which society can gather AT LEAST two points.” But that would have been too much like real journalism, wouldn’t it?

Secondly, the first thing we can take from the story is encouragement. Though Parks was beaten (and we still don’t know how severely), we are supposed to be thankful that this story “has become a rare one told over the years.”

This is called conjecture. Conjecture is, “Reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence.” I have already informed the reader of this paper that white newspapers covered up, completely hid or otherwise circumvented stories regarding interracial relationships. So then, how can these nimrods conclude that the race hatred has declined just because the stories have?

As black people, we know about how the white man covers up stories. One white politician who was found dead a few years back was praised about what all he did. What wasn’t mentioned was that he was found in an empty North Omaha house dressed in women’s clothes. The World-Herald decided they didn’t want the public to know. The World Herald itself went out and bought in a polygraph examiner during Hal Daub’s mayoral campaign against Brenda Council and they HID the truth but printed what they wanted the public to know. When a black child was used for a Goodfellows campaign a while back, the World Herald changed the gender and race of the child – because THEY felt it was the right thing to do.

So I am making two points here: first, the World Herald’s track record disqualifies it from making any believable points regarding interracial relationships when they cover up the ones taking place right here in their back yard and secondly, that their conclusion that such incidents are diminishing is “jive-time journalism” and nothing more than an attempt to appease white suburbanites by convincing them that race relations are “getting better.” Racism is alive and, as such, interracial hatred is never going to be “rare.” As Fanon taught, “a racist in a culture of racism is therefore, normal.”

The article continues:

Gone are the days when a black man was lynched for dating, or even speaking to, a white woman. Gone are the days when interracial couples had to go to court to challenge the legality of their marriages. Gone are the days when the majority of people in this country considered the union of people from differing races as wrong.

The World-Herald’s definition of “lynching” is not appropriate and therefore, their conclusion about the diminishing of lynchings is inaccurate. According to the late, great sociologist Oliver C. Cox, in his magnus opus, Caste, Class and Race, a lynching takes place any time a group of white men use their numbers and race to attack a single black man. Is this behavior on the decline?

What about crowds of white boys throwing soda on black men at a basketball game? What about the white judicial system ganging up on young black men and giving them time away from their families? What about white cops who single out black men and ram plungers up their asses (Abner Louima case) or gun them down “by accident” as they did Amadou Diallo? In fact, every cop killing is a lynching because it involves a system (white cop is sanctioned) against a lone black person.

It stands to reason that the World Herald would consider such actions on the decline. The newspaper has historically looked the other way when such “lynchings” occur. They did it when Vivian Strong was killed, did it people like Kellin, Ammons, Bibins were all killed by racist cops. None of them had guns. That was a lynching. So when these white editorial writers talk about “declines” they cannot even make that stick here in Omaha, let alone on the national level!

As for the white woman, perhaps the editors should read my 180-plus page response to a recent article that appeared in Newsweek. The Newsweek article was titled, “The Secret Lives of Wives,” but it missed so many points I had to respond. In like manner what the World Herald doesn’t understand is that the white man has conceded his woman to men of color. He knows what she’s about and she’s sick of him for the most part. True enough, television and movies don’t reflect this reality – yet. But they soon will.

With that understanding, there is no need to lynch a black man for dating or marrying a white woman. That is the white system’s way of getting to “Slaves” for the price of one. In many cases she’s isolated and shunned and forced to live with black folks. In most cases they both work so the system wins. It’s about the money, not about a black man taking one of their blondes away. The fact is, Malcolm X wrote that the act he was most often asked to perform as a pimp was to have sex with a white woman while her husband watched. And this is still going on, right here in Omaha, today. And the World Herald’s editors know it all too well.

The issue of interracial couples having to go to court to challenge the legality of their marriages – this was never a major issue or concern. There were widely publicized cases when it happened (again, the media making sure that these cases were publicized, complete with the addresses of the couple involved), but these people knew who was in charge of the courts: the same white boy who is in charge today. The World Herald is grasping at straws in order to buttress its lies. And they should be ashamed.

But the final lie, the deathblow, is where this team of white men claims that the days are gone when the majority of people in this country “considered the union of people from differing races as wrong.”

Say what? On what planet are these fuddy-duddies residing? Later, in their own essay, these same men write that, “Even today, mixed couples are still subjected to disapproving looks, rude comments and silent, yet noticeable, signals of rejection.” If this is the case, then aren’t those looks a physical manifestation that the person doing the looking considers those relationships “wrong”?

But more profoundly, where is the data that supports this incredible fabrication of reality? How does the World Herald know? On what do they base this contention? Because surely, if those days are gone, then gone too would be the days of white people viewing RACISM as wrong! If white people could stop viewing interracial relationships as wrong, this would mean that they would see nothing wrong with the gradual browning of their race. This would mean that they accept people of color. And this would mean that white racism is on the decline.

Anyone who believes that white people are less racist than they were 400 years ago is either naïve about race relations or a total idiot. These crackers are just more afraid now because black people are not as controlled as we were back then. Their fear fuels their racism as much as their hatred did back then. But the effects are still the same: look at the murders of blacks by white cops, look a the prisons and take a long look atthe black unemployment rate. Racism has not subsided or decreased; it has merely changed (but not in its intensity).

When those days are “gone,” so too will be white folks (as they define themselves today, at least).

But once you have a distorted view of social reality (as evidenced in the World-Herald’s stories on “black progress” that have permeated its pages this year), any conclusion you arrive at is going to be warped. For example note the following excerpt:

The lack of stories like Parks’ is a sign that society has come a long way in its acceptance of interracial unions. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to be done. An impetus for growth also can be taken from this story.

The World Herald again errs, much akin to their earlier perceptual mistake: it is not “the lack of stories like Parks’ that is a sign that society has supposedly “come a long way,” it is the lack of reporting and media coverage of these stories that is the flaw. The media wants to “play nice” and not report issues of race against interracial couples because it has to take into consideration the city’s image, the impact on tourism, the politics of the discrimination, the status of the couple being harassed and so on. The World-Herald knows this: they didn’t report those beatings that Daub used to administer to his Asian wife, Cindy, did they?

But even if the World-Herald was correct and the incidents themselves were on the decline, how is this a sign of society coming a long way? This goes back to that white man’s thinking that Gunnar Myrdal helped to create in his study, An American Dilemma. All the time the white man felt that what black people wanted was sex with them when, in reality, interracial sex ranked last among the things blacks wanted. The white man’s fears of interracial sex have always been rooted in the way that his mind works: because he raped black women for centuries, he felt the black man wanted to do the same thing to the white woman. This is how the myth got started and the myth, in turn, fanned the hatred that white men had for black people, in general.

Interracial dating and marriage. This was the first thing that those white boys in South Africa “allowed” when apartheid was crumbling. Not more jobs, not better housing, not more liberal policies toward economic development. No. The first thing they said was, “you may now screw our women.” Look it up. This contention in itself is racist and a definite put-down of black woman, an issue I will address more thoroughly in a few minutes.

Because the newspaper knows it is lying, it has to qualify its claims that America has come a long way. So they add in the worn cliché, “But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to be done.” The first thing that should be done is that the World-Herald – along with the rest of the American media – should stop lying. White boys in England still refer to white women who date or marry black men as “slags.” College campuses are filled with white women dating black athletes who have to hear the names they are called in doing so. The campus newspaper doesn’t cover these things. The local newspaper, because they need advertisements from the university, don’t address it. But just look at who is used to recruit black athletes: white girls. Black people have known this for years. The white man knew, but he was making money prostituting those coeds, so he kept quiet.

These are but a few facts that should show you, the reader, “there is a great deal to be done.” There is as much to be done today as there was to be done back in the 1950s, a time the white man dubs, “the golden years.” Why were they golden? No black people to worry about. Their sports teams didn’t have to compete against us, and white women knew their “place” so the white man had it all to himself. He could act “cool” because there were no brothers to compete against.

But after the Black Power Movement and the Civil Rights Movement loosened things up, white records in sports fell one by one. The white man’s control began to falter, and his manipulated “domination” of popular culture disappeared. The “golden years” of the Cleavers of “Leave It to Beaver” and “Donna Reed” were gone. He’s tried to relive those times in his movies and TV shows (“Happy Days”), but he knows his time is past. So he pretends as if interracial relationships are more accepted, but offers on evidence to prove it. This is a racist approach in itself: these writers are saying, in essence, “it is true because we say it is so.”

These people claim that, “an impetus for growth also can be takenfrom this story.” And what is that? They explain:

It wasn’t along ago – 2000 – that Alabama finally removed a law banning interracial marriage (though it hadn’t been enforced in years). That same year, Bob Jones University ended its ban on interracial dating. And while society has traveled far in its ability to be open-minded, there still are some people who react negatively when a black man and a white woman, or a Latina woman and a white man, or any other combination, are dating and marrying each other.

You call this “evidence”? One of the most racist states in the union, one that still flies the Confederate flag, decides that it shouldn’t be legislating morality and you call this progress? You call it a sign of growth because Bob Jones University ended its ban on interracial dating? You know why they ended it? Because Clinton threatened to take away their Federal dollars, that’s why! So once again, the white man had to be bribed to do the right thing in regard to displaying some “humanity.”

Having shot down the two examples that the World-Herald office as evidence of “growth,” these nitwits with notebooks nevertheless have the gall to claim that society “has traveled far in its ability to be open minded.” This has not been established in a single thing that the newspaper has written down. Look at their own city: what is there to point at that shows equitable race relations? The black community is as segregated today as it was in 1950 – the only difference is that the area is larger. Look at their own newsroom: no blacks in the 1800s and only three in the newsroom today. How can these liars draw conclusions about change when they, themselves, have resisted change?

The World Herald, in a hypocritically moralizing tone, writes that “there are still some people who react negatively when a black man and a white woman, or a Latina woman and a white man, or any other combination, are dating and marrying each other.”

Few people get angry when a Latina woman and a white man are together because many Latinas have white skin. Unlike the black woman, who is stigmatized, the Latina has the stereotype of the “hot Latin” working for her. Where OWH editors got their information is beyond me. As for a black man and a white woman, this is the most hated relationship by far. Others pale (no pun intended) in comparison. The twin myths (both concocted by the white man during slavery) of the black rapist and sacred white womanhood still exist today. In another major paper, I look at movies like “The Pelican Brief,” “Drive,” “I, Robot,” “The Bone Collector,” and others where a handsome black man is not allowed to be anything to the white female lead but a “friend.” This is an extension of the anti-black taboo alluded to earlier.

Those “some people who react negatively”? Guess who most of them are? White males – like the ones sitting in that editorial room writing this bullshit for the gullible Nebraska public to take in.

The article concludes:

Even today, mixed couples are still subjected to disapproving looks, rude comments and silent, yet noticeable, signals of rejection. So take some comfort in knowing that most of those who find love outside their race aren’t subjected to the horrors that Parks faced. But remember that even one such case is one too many.

Mixed couples? Does the World Herald care enough to provide an operational definition of what they mean? Are they talking about interracial couples? Are they talking about couples from different ethnic groups or religions. Because a “mixed couple” and an “interracial couple” can be two different things.

Furthermore, the editors order the public to “take some comfort in knowing” that “most of those who find love outside their race aren’t subjected” to what Parks was subjected to. How does the lily-white editorial board of the OWH know this? Where is there evidence? Are they speaking locally, statewide or nationally? This brings us to a final point – the title.

How can one incident be a barometer of race relations on any level? How can a “horrendous assault” show a “decline in one type of bigotry”? Even if racial abuse DID decline in that one type of bigotry, would that be enough to offset the institutional manifestations that plague people of color day by day and year by year? Of course note.

When racists like these write about issues of race, they show how little they care by not providing hard data or documentation. They have a preconception about what they want to writeabout and what they want their conclusion to be. This biased approach is what I tried to tell reporter Tom Shaw about when he made the asinine statement about reporters being “objective.”

Now I see that Shaw was not alone. The interracial barometer, at least the one that the World-Herald is in possession of, is clearly broken.

And it’ll take more than a room full of old white men to fix it.

Matthew C. Stelly

Omaha World Herald (2004, December 13). Interracial barometer: A horrendous assault brings reminder of decline in one type of racial bigotry.

Police brutality charge by African teen disturbs mayor

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said he is "very
troubled" by claims that a Homewood high school student was beaten by
undercover police. Jordan Miles, 18, was treated at a hospital twice after an arrest
last week by three plainclothes Pittsburgh police officers. Police
suspected he had a concealed gun and -- after a chase and a struggle with the Creative and Performing Arts High School senior -- concluded he was holding a bottle of Mountain Dew instead. He was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest, but when officers did not show for a court hearing Thursday, the matter was postponed. Mr. Miles took several blows to the head and face, was Tasered and
had a chunk of hair ripped from his head, his lawyer said. He was
walking between homes owned by his mother and grandmother when police stopped him. Police claimed that they identified themselves to Mr. Miles and
repeatedly tried to subdue the 18 year old after he fled. Read more:

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Honour and secrecy for families of gay Muslims

Pink News: Last week, the LGBT homeless charity Albert Kennedy Trust warned it was seeing an increase in the numbers of gay Muslims fleeing from forced marriages and family violence. However, for one gay Muslim, the experiences of gay EastEnders character Syed Masood are closer to home. While I haven't been a fan of the show for quite some time, I was intrigued when I heard that EastEnders was to feature a storyline outlining the struggles faced by gay Muslims. Being someone who is both gay and (quasi)religious in their Islamic faith, I was interested to see how they would cover it. As many people know, the relationship between religious communities and homosexuality can be volatile with both sides often holding open contempt for each other, but nowhere is this shown more than in the families of gay Muslims.

Australia, N.Zealand order review of 'bible' gunsights

Australia, N.Zealand order review of 'bible' gunsights

Yahoo! News: SYDNEY (AFP) – Australia Friday ordered its military to look at removing biblical references from weapons used by troops in Afghanistan, after New Zealand banned the "completely inappropriate" inscriptions.Australia's Defence Minister John Faulkner said the military had been unaware of the meaning of the letters and numbers etched into the US-made gunsights, which refer to passages in the New Testament. I have asked Defence to examine the options available to deal with this matter without compromising the safety of our troops and critically important capabilities," Faulkner said. Faulkner's comments came as neighbouring New Zealand condemned the inscriptions as potentially inflammatory.


image001.jpgSouth Africa: Anarkismo

Press Alert Thursday, 21st January: 14:30

This morning, the NERSA public hearing into ESKOM’s application for tariff increases got underway at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. Both Earthlife and the APF were present, having made written submissions and requests for presentations in opposition to ESKOM’s application. Not long after proceedings began, a small group of Earthlife activists silently placed several posters on the walls inside the venue. Almost immediately, Gallagher Estate’s private security personnel arrived and tore down all the posters, whilst forcibly escorting those activists identified as the ‘perpetrators’, outside the venue. They then locked the doors and when a larger group of APF activists arrived, refused them (alongside the Earthlife activists already outside) entry.

This morning, the NERSA public hearing into ESKOM’s application for tariff increases got underway at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. Both Earthlife and the APF were present, having made written submissions and requests for presentations in opposition to ESKOM’s application. Not long after proceedings began, a small group of Earthlife activists silently placed several posters on the walls inside the venue. Almost immediately, Gallagher Estate’s private security personnel arrived and tore down all the posters, whilst forcibly escorting those activists identified as the ‘perpetrators’, outside the venue. They then locked the doors and when a larger group of APF activists arrived, refused them (alongside the Earthlife activists already outside) entry.

Despite repeated attempts by these activists to point out the public nature of the hearing, and thus their right to attend, the private security personnel continued to lock them out. When the gathered activists then started toyi-toying, the SA Police Services were called. Three of the APF/Earthlife activists tried to reason with the police and to inform them of their democratic right to participate in the public hearing going on inside the building. The police then assaulted, arrested and hauled them off to the Midrand police station where they were charged with public violence and resisting arrest. The names of the three activists are Makoma Lekalakala, Mashao Chauke and Nomaliza Xhoma. At present they are being held at the Midrand police station while a lawyer engaged by Earthlife and the APF continues attempts to get the charges dropped.

For further comment/information contact: Ferrial Adam of Earthlife on 0741813197


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25 influential black women in business

The Network Journal, an award-winning business magazine providing news and commentaries on issues that affect the growth of businesses and the advancement of professionals in the workplace for an audience of predominantly African-American professionals, corporate executives and small-business owners, announces its 2010 list of “25 Influential Black Women in Business.”. Read the list by using the link below:

Tea Partying with White Supremacists! - White Supremacists and Far Right Militias Mobilizing Anger against President Obama

Al Jazeera Reports: White Power USA - The Rise of White Supremacists In The Age of Barack Obama.

With the election of the Barack Obama, a failing economy and anti-immigrant sentiment on the rise, some activists are calling it the perfect storm for recruitment by racist organisations.

Supremacist groups are reportedly targeting soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as trying to become part of 'mainstream' conservatism by organising around the successful 'Tea Party' movement. 2010 © AlJazeeraEnglish, Inc.

A new report from the Anti-Defamation League© 2009 - 2010 Anti-Defamation League

The Tea Party phenomenon, which began with anti-tax rallies staged across the country on April 15, 2009, will continue as activists in almost every state are planning similar events on July 4. Notably, white supremacists are again planning to participate. As they have done with other political and social issues, for example, promoting the Ron Paul campaign and using the immigration debate, white supremacists and anti-Semites are planning to exploit Tea Parties to disseminate their hateful views and recruit a larger following.
Extremists plan to recruit at Tea Parties
Stormfront, the most popular white supremacist Internet forum, is home to discussion between extremists eager to influence the events. In addition to circulating a list of local organizers and promoting planned rallies, Stormfront members are trying to find ways to involve themselves in the events. In posts to the forum, many voice their intent to attend the Tea parties for the purpose of cultivating an "organized grassroots White mass movement."

Posts to Stormfront:
  • "We need a relevent [sic] transitional envelope-pushing flyer for the masses. Take these Tea Party Americans by the hand and help them go from crawling to standing independently and then walking toward racialism."
  • "We intervene to shape the new pro-White grassroots agenda from within the crowd. We intervene for active effect at the event, for advancement of White racial consciousness and solidarity, and for the growth of the organized grassroots White mass movement and the most perceptive racially aware activist element."
  • "I also agree that spreading the WN message at these events is a good idea-it's time already,we've gotta do it!! Carefully, of course."
  • "A big crowd of irate White folks protesting the government seems like the perfect time and place for us WN's to promote our cause, at least to my way of thinking."
  • "I distributed WN literature at the last Tea Party in Phoenix. I will be doing it again in July. This is the time and the place. For those on a budget, I would suggest printing business cards with the web address of your group or organization. Keep it simple."
  • "I think they'd be ideal for spreading WN literature and gaining recruits in large numbers, more quickly."

Tea Party Americans Coalition
An anti-Semite and white supremacist using the name "Whites Forward" created the Tea Party Americans Coalition (TPAC) as "a working group for serious White racialist ACTIVISTS in the US who want to effectively coordinate our efforts and intervene for effect in Tea Party-type events." Anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-immigrant themes run through the six issues on which the working group is based.
"Whites Forward" is hoping that TPAC will be the "genesis of our new White mass movement and the fertile womb for our pro-White political party." He has called on other white supremacist groups to align themselves with the coalition, "Take these Tea Party Americans by the hand and help them go from crawling to standing independently and then walking toward racialism." —Stormfront member "Whites Forward"including the Council of Conservative Citizens, the Nationalist Coalition, David Duke's EURO organization, and European Americans United.
Currently, 42 individuals have registered as TPAC members, including:
  • Don Black, well-known throughout the white supremacist and anti-Semitic community, both for his role as the founder and operator of Stormfront, and for his appearances and speeches at racist and anti-Semitic gatherings. Based in Florida, Black is a former Grand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan who served prison time for plotting to invade the Caribbean island of Dominica and overthrow its government.
  • John Ubele, the Florida-based Operations Manager for the neo-Nazi Nationalist Coalition. A former member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, Ubele was also a founding member of the Sons of Liberty Committee, a group whose stated goal was for "the interests of European Americans…to reign supreme in all deliberations and actions of our government." Ubele also hosted "Radio with John Ubele," a weekly radio program hosted on Stormfront.
National Alliance leader tells followers to spread neo-Nazi message at Tea Parties
Erich Gliebe, who heads the West Virginia-based National Alliance (NA), devoted a May 2009 Internet radio broadcast to recast the purpose of the Tea Parties as opportunities to unite the white race and motivate its members to action. Gliebe argued that white people have simply had enough of what he described as minorities relying on tax dollars to fund government programs. He explained that "middle class White Americans are finally protesting."
Optimistic that recruitment at the Tea Parties could expand his group's membership, Gliebe suggested that "a number of those who turned out on April 15th are ready to embrace the National Alliance's message." He also alleged that the NA had experienced an increase in applications and requests for information as a result of the Tea Parties.
Gliebe encouraged white people to exploit the events to form a movement that will address the "major issues facing White Americans today." Finally, he requested that individuals intending on participating in future tea parties distribute a pamphlet created by deceased National Alliance leader William Pierce.
White supremacist Billy Roper a Tea Party organizer in Arkansas
Billy Roper, who heads the white supremacist White Revolution group, based in Arkansas, is listed as an organizer on a Tea Party movement Web site. In a June 2009 post to the White Revolution blog, Roper claimed to be organizing a Tea Party in Arkansas and sending White Revolution "representatives who will be witnessing and converting lost souls at Tea Parties from North Carolina to Arizona." [emphasis in original]
A May blog post revealed that White Revolution members will attend local Tea Party protests and distribute leaflets and flyers. Their goal will be to "educate, activate, and recruit." The blog post encouraged readers to "plan to attend one to do your part for our race and nation!"

Israeli Hand in Iraq's Abu Ghraib Exposed

palestinefreevoice: The former American military chief of the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq reiterates the Israeli involvement in the US-run facility, where hundreds of Iraqi suspects were tortured and sexually abused by US soldiers and interrogators. Shedding further light on the scandal that has served as a controversy-magnet for Washington ever since its emergence in 2004, the retired US army colonel Janis Karpinski says that Israeli agents were recruited by the US military at Abu Ghraib to interrogate the prisoners suspected of attacking US forces in Iraq. The report by the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar is set to fuel more debate on the matter as Karpinski had, until recently, refused to expound on the Israeli connection at Abu Ghraib despite admitting earlier to the presence of Israeli interrogators in the US-run compound.

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Haiti non ha bisogno di portaerei, ma di riconversione delle spese militari e di reale cooperazione

Fonte: Pax Christi Italia - 20 gennaio 2010

Davanti alla tragedia di Haiti, l’Italia gioca la carta della portaerei Cavour.
Già nel 2001 l’allora presidente di Pax Christi Italia mons. Bona scriveva: “Ne abbiamo proprio bisogno? Certamente i tecnici della lobby industrial–militare adducono tante ragioni per giustificare l’opportunità... Salta agli occhi il collegamento tra l’enorme povertà di tanta parte dell’umanità e le spese militari”. Questa grande portaerei lunga 235 metri (che è costata oltre 1200 milioni di euro pari alla somma raccolta nel mondo dopo la prima settimana dal terremoto di Haiti e che ogni ora di navigazione ad alta velocità consuma 25.000 litri di carburante) porterà aiuto alla vittime del terremoto.
Ci chiediamo: quante sale operatorie od ospedali da campo si potevano e si possono realizzare con una spesa così folle?

Proprio il giorno prima del terremoto, l’11 gennaio 2010, il Papa parlando al Corpo Diplomatico denunciava "l'aumento delle spese militari, nonché il mantenimento o lo sviluppo degli arsenali nucleari". E questo, ha spiegato, "assorbe ingenti risorse che potrebbero, invece, essere destinate allo sviluppo dei popoli, soprattutto di quelli più poveri.” Non possiamo nascondere il timore che questa operazione - sponsorizzata dalle grandi aziende che lavorano con il militare e che hanno realizzato questa nave – diventi più un’operazione di facciata, utile più al mondo militare che alla popolazione di Haiti. Non dimentichiamo che l’Italia oggi è il secondo Paese al mondo per esportazione di armi, con somme da capogiro, rispetto a quelle insignificanti investite nella cooperazione.

Avremo modo di riflettere anche su questo al Convegno sul disarmo del 30 gennaio a Roma presso l’Università Lateranense, mentre cercheremo di essere accanto alle vittime di questo terremoto.

Ma vogliamo anche rilanciare una proposta.

Perchè non fare una scelta politicamente audace e coraggiosa, segno di ri-conversione, motivata dalla grande tragedia di Haiti, e anche del nostro Abruzzo?
Perchè non ridurre-riconvertire gli investimenti (si parla di 15 miliardi di Euro!) per i nuovi aerei F35?

Sarebbe un segno forte di speranza e di ‘difesa della vita’ di cui tanto si parla.
Spendere meno soldi per strumenti bellici, soprattutto in questo momento, potrebbe essere un gesto significativo di alto valore educativo. Un segno di speranza che germoglia dalle macerie di una tragedia.


Ulteriori informazioni su


Haiti does not have need of aircraft carriers, but of reconversion of military expenses and real cooperation

Source: Pax Christi Italy - 20 January 2010

In front of the tragedy of Haiti, Italy plays the paper of the Cavour aircraft carriers.
Already in the 2001 then president of Pax Christi Italy mons. Bona wrote: “Of it we have own need? Sure the technicians of the industrial-military lobby adduce many reasons in order to justify the opportunity… He jumps to the eyes the connection between the enormous poverty of much part of the humanity and military expenses”. These large aircraft carriers long 235 meters (that it has cost beyond 1200 million equal euro to the sum collection in the world after the first week from the earthquake of Haiti and that every hour of navigation to high speed consumes 25,000 liters of fuel) will carry aid to the victims of the earthquake.
We ask ourselves: how many know them operating or field hospitals could and can be realized with an expense thus crowds?

Own the day before the earthquake, 11 January 2010, the Pope speaking to the Diplomatic corps denounced “the increase of military expenses, let alone the maintenance or the development of the nuclear arsenals”. And this, has explained, “absorbs huge resources that could, instead, to be destined to the development of polulates, above all of those poor ones.” We cannot hide the fear that this operation - sponsored from the great companies that work with the soldier and that they have realized this ship - becomes more an operation than facade, profit more to the military world that to the population of Haiti. We do not forget that Italy today is according to Country to the world for export of crews, with sums from capogiro, regarding those insignificant ones invested in the cooperation.

We will have way to reflect also on this to the Convention on the disarmament of 30 January to Rome near the Lateranense University, while we will try to be beside the victims of this earthquake.

But we want also to throw again a proposal.

Why not to make an audacious and brave choice politicamente, sign of reconversion, motivated from the great tragedy of Haiti, and also of our Abruzzi?
Because reduce-not to reconvert the investments (it is spoken about 15 billions of Euro) for the new F35 airplane?

It would be a sign hard of defended hope and `of the vita' about which a lot it is spoken.
To spend less money for war instruments, above all in this moment, could be a meaningful gesture of high educational value. A sign of hope that sprouts from the ruins of a tragedy.

Ulterior information on

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Republicans celebrate now, but the victory will be a reminder that you better get your act together. Democrats, now it's time to regroup. We can't allow the defeat down you! Best believe that the "tea party movement" is a thorn in the side. But it's best to line up a strategy.

Democrats lose the seat held by the late senator Ted Kennedy. The Democrats are now scrambling for a massive defensive. Republicans celebrate a strong victory. Scott Brown, now senator-elect, what's next?

President of The United States? Who knows, Drudge? Seriously, I think dude sees the same crystal ball I see!

Conservative activists are gloating now that Scott Brown may be the future of the once disgraced party. Republicans have channeled into the anger of the "angry white male". President Barack Obama ratings according to GALLUP is standing around 50% - 43%. The support among white voters is down significantly. Again, the conservative media, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin and Matt Drudge want the president to fail!

They'll line up a moderate Republican to defeat President Obama! And once again, the partisan gap increases. Independents are the key to election victories.

Democrats, it's time to step your game up! What's the problem? If I voted for a decent health care reform, I wanted it with the public option! If one thing has taught me about politicians, they are destructive! And to make this clear, Republicans are no better. If they were better, then Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin would run this country.

I seriously believe the Republicans want to continue to push the "angry white male", "concern housewife", "the gun owner who is concerned that President Obama will take his gun", "angry banker who wants to rip me and millions of other off with high deductible loans and foreclose on my home" and follow the "angry guy on the radio who spouts off!"

2012, is coming sooner then we think?

UN reinforcements sent in to Haiti to crack down on escaped gang leaders

Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne land in Port-au-Prince, HaitiThe Guardian-The UN security council voted unanimously today to approve an additional force of 3,500 police and soldiers for earthquake-devastated Haiti, amid rising concern over outbreaks of looting by desperate survivors and the re-emergence of notorious gang leaders who escaped when the country's prisons collapsed. The extra security forces will bolster the UN stabilisation force of some 7,000 troops who are already in the country. The vote came as relief efforts turned from the search for survivors buried under the rubble to the delivery of much needed food, water, shelter and medical assistance to some 250,000 Haitians in most need, many of them living on the streets ,who have seen little or no aid a week after the catastrophe.• 3,500 more police and soldiers approved, Pressure mounts to distribute food and water

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Shock Jock: Martin Luther King, Jr is a "coon"

Controversial talk duo's "accidental" racial slur. Mike Greenberg of The Mike and Mike in The Morning Show called Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a coon. The firestorm has generated YouTube buzz and the host released a public statement apologizing for his discretion.

I just came home from the Knicks game and found out about the mess that was created by my garbling a sentence on our show this morning; I apologize for not addressing it sooner.
And I'm sorry that my talking too fast - and slurring my words - might have given people who don't know our show the wrong impression about us, and about me.
I feel horrible about that, because nothing could be further away from who I am and what our show is about.
I would never say anything like that, not in public, or in private, or in the silence of my own mind, and neither would anyone associated with our show, and I'm very sorry that my stumble this morning gave so many people the opposite impression.

The video appears on YouTube.

Mike and Mike in The Morning is a part of Hearst Entertainment and ESPN Radio Networks, Incorporated. The Entertainment and Sports Network [ESPN] is under The Walt Disney Company.

'Baby Doc' Speaks

BS Top - Pape Duvalier
In an exclusive email to The Daily Beast, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, who was exiled to France in 1986, offered quake victims comfort and an $8 million pledge of support. Duvalier’s dramatic departure to France was celebrated all around Haiti, and was seen as the closure of a dark period of terror that began under “Baby Doc’s” father, Francois Duvalier, known as “Papa Doc.” The transition to democracy after his departure has been rough. Reclusive former Haitian ruler Jean-Claude Duvalier has lived in France since he fled his homeland nearly a quarter-century ago. But Duvalier, famously known as “Baby Doc,” emerged from the shadows via email late Friday night. In an exclusive email to The Daily Beast’s Eric Pape, Duvalier offered comforting words in the aftermath of the earthquake that leveled the country he once led, lauding the international “wave of solidarity,” and asking Swiss authorities to direct $8 million to emergency relief efforts.

White approval for Obama declines-Video

AlJazeeraEnglish : One year after his inauguration, Obama still draws plenty of strength from America's black community, which invested high expectations in his candidacy from the start. But polls show white approval of his presidential performance has faded. Al Jazeera's Tom Ackerman looks into the status of race relations in the US in the first of a series of reports on the first 12 months of Obama's historic presidency from inside America and around the world. 18 Jan 10


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