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The Princess and the Frog: A Mixed Race Royalty? NOT!!

The Fantasy

The Reality

This week's Newsweek article is the biggest, lying piece of propaganda I ever read. In my hometown of Dayton, Ohio, I see Black men and Black women couples 99% of the time. Despite mainstream media propaganda, prominent Black men are with Black women, not nonblack women. The media looves to hype the small minority in order to divide and conquer. It is the same mentality Willie Lynch had in mind during slavery to turn Black people against each other.

Yes, I also notice Black men/non-Black women couples in my SW Ohio hometown.  The bm/nonblack women couples, as miniscule as they are, greatly outnumbered bw/nonblack men couples 25 to 1. And yet the sellout Black women want us to believe that wm/bw intermarriage are on the increase. I don't see any increase and yet, I see bw with out of wedlock biracial kids like Shaniya, no wedding ring, no white man present whatsoever. At least with the biracial children of ww/bm, the father is there.

Also, I see plenty of intact Black families with children all the time, my family is the clearest example. Black men are involved with their kids. I wish mainstream media stop harping on Black fathers when we have plenty of irresponsible and deadbeat nonblack, specifically white fathers like that idiot who didn't take Shaniya in, leaving her with the struggling Black mother. As Abagond and Mr. Lauelton Queens said that Black women are chosen last by white men and that white men don't want Black children period.  So, I don't care what other people say, the movie is an illusion.

America's Booming White Enclaves

America's Booming White Enclaves

More and more whites are moving away from diversity their (white)elites created and into exurban areas(again created by their white elites).

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Sandra Bullock's The Blind Side highlights my feelings on black inferiority

Why is it that black stories of success tend to reinforce our inferiority and increase white superiority over blacks?

May God bless black women on their new journey w/ white men

This is for Evia and other women who think that white men is going to solve all their problems.

Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask

Dramatization and documentary trace Fanon's intellectual development. Cultural critics position his pioneering studies of the psychological impact of racism on the colonized and colonizer alike.

How can u tell when white men like black women?

black men have profiles on the different type of non -black women that like black men. we are not chasing anyone. They are the ones that send the signs because they know that they dont have exclusive access to black men. What signs, if any, do white men make for black women? They dont, they pretty come "out of the blue"

why middle-class black women hate interraical dating

Teleseminar - Love and Sex: What's Race Got to Do With It?

On this lively, information-packed 60-minute call, youll learn: * What racial scripts are and how they influence your interactions with others. * Why an increase in the numbers of interracial couples is NOT evidence that racism is declining. * What assumptions people are making about you right now based on the race of your partner. * How these assumptions can interfere with everything from the friendships you form to your career prospects. * Hidden influences you may not even be aware of and what to do about them.

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BLACK MOTHER Sold Her 5-Year Old Daughter As A SEX SLAVE (Part 1)

November 16, 2009

According to SpeakDaRealTV:

"Black women will be upset with me for posting this news story, but I don't care. I don't make this s** up. I simply bring it to you.
Black women will be upset with me for posting this news story, but I don't care. I don't make this s** up. I simply bring it to you."

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CLEVELAND -- Loved ones of Nancy Cobbs gathered at the House of Wills Funeral Home on Harvard Avenue Saturday, to pay tribute to her life.

According to Fox 8 News crews at the funeral, the 9:00 a.m. service was packed with people as Pastor Rodney Maiden of Providence Baptist Church spoke to the crowd.

Family members of Cobbs were emotional as they sat in the front row. They watched intently while children took to the podium.

Nancy Cobbs was the 4th woman identified from accused killer Anthony Sowell's home.

Police say she had not been seen by her family since April, and was reported missing in June of 2009.

Weekend Funeral For Five Cleveland Murder Victims


Rest in peace, ladies.

Why Don Imus? There are racists all over the media

Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and Michael Savage prove that racism, sexism and bigotry exist in our media on a daily basis. Why isn't there the outrage over their comments? Why aren't they fired? Why Imus?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Houses of Horror by Sikivu Hutchinson

Relatives searching for missing victims
Mother holding flyer of her missing daughter

Houses of Horror
by Sikivu Hutchinson

Sexualized violence permeates the reality and culture of American life. But in poor locales of Black America, those who prey on women are too often allowed to “hide in plain sight” by a police mentality that obscures the lines between victims and predators. Even as the horror of the mass murders in Cleveland began to surface, “some of the Internet stories of the missing evoked the stereotype of drug-addicted black women, alluding to their being prostitutes and transients.”

Houses of Horror
by Sikivu Hutchinson

“Sexualized violence continues to be a national unaddressed epidemic.”

House of horrors. Nightmare on X Street. Shiftless apathetic residents with criminal pasts. Throwaway victims with dead-end lives. Over the past several weeks the news cycle has churned with high profile examples of systematized violence against women and embattled communities of color. The Richmond High gang-rape incident, the Department of Justice’s egregious findings on untested DNA rape kits and the Cleveland serial killer case have all demonstrated that sexualized violence continues to be a national unaddressed epidemic. When news of convicted rapist turned serial killer Anthony Sowell’s Cleveland killing spree broke recently the media dove in feet first with its boilerplate on black urban dysfunction. In incredulous narrative after incredulous narrative, black criminal pathology, neglect, neighborhoods saturated with and inured to violence were all on lurid display.

The Cleveland story received more coverage than is normally devoted to poor black communities. Yet the coverage was noteworthy for its relentless focus on the macabre circumstances of the discoveries in Sowell’s house. Lost in the mainstream outrage over the house of horrors was the specter of decades-long neglect by the local police. Cleveland residents have long complained about the lack of police follow-through on missing person cases in the community. In language that echoed the sentiments expressed by black communities from South L.A. to North Carolina, Cleveland community members weighed in on the lack of coverage, exposure and law enforcement presence around local efforts to track their missing. Some of the Internet stories of the missing evoked the stereotype of drug-addicted black women, alluding to their being prostitutes and transients. With their spotty pasts and run-ins with the law the two Sowell victims who were positively identified were portrayed as textbook examples of black female criminality. And what bigger contrast could there be to nationally mourned white female abduction victims who are invariably depicted as apple-cheeked pictures of unblemished innocence.
This is so true when it comes to serial killings of Black women. It seems like history repeats itself. It happened in the 70s Boston. It happened in S.Central LA in the early eighties. It happened in Charlotte, N.C., with serial killings of 11 Black women by Henry Louis Wallace in the 90s. It happened in Peoria, IL, when a white man killed seven Black women in the early 2000s. It's still going on in Rocky Mount, N.C., and in Los Angeles, CA., with the Grim Sleeper Murders. The mainstream media prefer to concentrate on pretty missing white women such as Natalee Holloway, Laci Peterson, Stacy Peterson. Asian women such as Annie Le. The victims of serial killer Ted Bundy are still remembered. They received far more press than victims of Color. Not one serial murder case involving Black women victims get the People magazine coverage. Not one.

“Lost in the mainstream outrage over the house of horrors was the specter of decades-long neglect by the local police.”

In the mainstream narrative, unruly, criminal, illicit black women, the kind who “invite” rape anyway, are hardly worthy of mention must less sympathy. Thus, Sowell was able to hide in plain sight because of the presumption of guilt that the criminal justice system associates with black communities. As a parolee in a criminalized community it was easy for him to rack up multiple victims. It was easy for him to let these murdered women literally decompose in plain view on his living room floor because of the belief that black communities are cesspits and black lives are not worth protecting.

In a more “rarefied” sector of the East Coast another misogynist house of horrors is being buttressed in the name of “healthcare reform.” Nancy Pelosi and her lawless Blue dog Democrat posse in the House of Representatives have voted to include an amendment to the healthcare bill that would deny women the right to abortion coverage. Under the terms of a private healthcare exchange in the misnamed public option women could not purchase plans from private insurers who provide abortion coverage. This provision would essentially create a two or three tier system in which wealthier women would once again be able to fund abortions and poorer women would be left to back alley quacks and coat hangers. Black and Latino women, who are disproportionately un- and under-insured, and have the most to lose from unwanted pregnancies, would be the most deeply impacted. And with the draconian conservatives in the Senate trotting out their mangled bill in a month, the real white collar state sanctioned violence against women will be on full display.

Sikivu Hutchinson is the editor of and a commentator for KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles.

Reddy Case: 10 Years On, Violence Against Women of Color Continues

Reddy Case: 10 Years On, Violence Against Women of Color Continues

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Review, Precious

Activist, Pearl Jr, reviews blockbuster films from a Black perspective!

Justice Who Denied Marriage Won't Resign

The McKay's say they never imagined their drama would attract so much attention. "I had an interview with BBC last night. CNN called," Beth says. She and husband Terence are the newest celebrity couple to hit the airwaves.
Just one day after hearing about the couple's controversy, national media shined the spotlight on Terence and Beth McKay. "I thought it'd be local. We thought just be around this area. It went international," says Terence.
The newly married McKay's say they just wanted a simple wedding ceremony. So the bride called Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace in Robert, Louisiana. But instead of agreeing to their "I do's", Bardwell said, "I won't" because the couple is interracial.
"He said he does not do interracial couples. He's not going to marry us because your black and I'm white," Terence says recalling what Beth told him. "I was like its 2009."

Murder Charges for Shaniya's Mom?

Maggie Rodriguez spoke with former prosecutor Wendy Murphy about possible murder charges for Shaniya's Davis' mother.

Shaniya Davis Vigil Held here in Fayetteville, NC

I first ask everyone to please pray for her father and family as this crime comes to a shock. We never have anything like this happen here in fayetteville and in the past 3 weeks we have had horrible things happen here.

For those of you who do not know who Shaniya Davis or heard about it, the story can be followed here.
Her body was found yesterday, she was raped then strangled. Her mother sent her off into the world of child prostution.

What makes this story even harder to beleive, Shaniya father wanted to give his daughter the chance to get to know her mother so he brought her to her mother, and only after 3 weeks of being with her mother she was murdered.

Follow the story here:

A Special Tribute To Angel Shaniya Nicole Davis 2/14/04-11/16/09

Shaniya Davis's Body Found 11/16/09 Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Girl

♥ Shaniya Nicole Davis Is Missing ♥
♥ Music by: Susan Boyle "Wild Horses" ♥
UPDATE: UPDATE: 11/16/09 1:28pm ET They found Shaniya's little Body :( God Bless this little One's Soul!
You will never be forgotten Angel!

Shaniya Davis Missing Girl Found Dead Fayetteville NC

Shaniya Davis: 5 Year Old Sold For SEX by Mother?

This video contains the actual 911 call made by Antoinette Davis as she reports her daughter being missing. Was she lying when she made this call? Was Antoinette Davis responsible for this crime? YOU be the judge.

Shaniya Davis' Mother's 911 Call

Shaniya Daviss story starts out sad. Shaniya was the product of a one-night stand between Antoinette Davis and Bradley Lockhart. Bradley, her father, raised her until Antoinette proved recently that she could give baby Shaniya a good home. Not wanting his little girl to grow up without a female role model, Bradley allowed baby Shaniya to go live with her mom.

This wonderful, thoughtful, father made a big mistake. Shaniyas story gets even worse as Antoinette Davis pimped her very own daughter out. She was also arrested 2 days before her babys body was found discarded along a North Carolina Highway. She was charged with human trafficking, prostitution, and child abuse. Her 7 year old son was placed in foster care upon his mothers arrest.

Antoinette Davis reported Shaniya Davis missing a week before her body was found. Police searched high and low for the 5 year old, and the last time she was seen alive was with Mario McNeill in a hotel surveillance camera.

The story of Shaniya Davis so harrowing, I cant even image as a father how Mr. Lockhart is feeling right now. He should know that none of this is his fault, and that authorities will work tirelessly to ensure that justice is served. Lets all say a prayer for Bradley Lockhart and all those that loved baby Shaniya.

Shaniya Davis' Father Speaks Out - 11/16/09

Anthony Sowell funerals held for two victims

Anthony Sowell funerals held for two victims

This past weekend, two victims of alleged serial killer Anthony Sowell were laid to rest. Funerals were held for Nancy Cobbs and Michelle Mason, the fourth and seventh of Anthony Sowell’s 11 victims to be identified. The funeral for Nancy Cobbs was held at the House of Wills Funeral Home. Nancy Cobbs was reported missing in June of 2009.

Michelle Mason’s funeral was held at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church. She was reported missing in October of 2008. The horrific murders have stunned a nation and left a community running on empty. The search for additional victims continues as authorities have moved their investigation to an abandoned house next door to the home of Anthony Sowell.

Nancy Cobbs was a grandmother of five children and a mother of three: Audrey Williams, Kyana Hunt, and William L. Hunt III. The three leaned on each other for emotional support during the service that was filled with grief and mourning.

Michelle Mason’s mother, Adlean Atterberry was comforted by those who came to show their sorrow and support. Previously, Adlean Atterberry was reported as saying that she believed Anthony Sowell had removed fliers that she had placed in the neighborhood when Michelle went missing. Michelle Mason was cremated as reports said that her body had been too decomposed for a burial.

At the end of Michelle Mason’s funeral service, mourners released balloons into the wind in memory of Michelle.

There have been ten victims identified in the Anthony Sowell murder case. They are as follows:

Tonia Carmichael, 52

Nancy Cobbs, 45

Tishana Culver, 31

Crystal Dozier, 38

Telacia Fortson, 31

Amelda Hunter, 47

Michelle Mason, 45

Kim Yvette Smith, 44

Janice Webb, 49

March on Cleveland City Hall and Council Meeting on November 30th, 2009 at 5:00p

An activist stands across the street from the site where Anthony Sowell murdered 11 African-American women and calls for a march on Cleveland City Hall and Council at 5pm on November 30th, 2009. There has been ongoing protest regarding the comments made by Cleveland Chief of Police Michael McGrath, the lack of action by City Councilman Zack Reed, and the avoidance of any public discussion of policy change by Mayor Frank G. Jackson.




justice for the 11 victims of anthony sowell pt 2




black men we must protect black women. if any one has ideas for practical organizing please post them so that the few brothers who feel like me can spread the word. black women you must also be apart of organizing for the sake of your survival so you do not fall victim to the savagery of the world. one group of people we can watch is the old NOI, there is no history to my knowledge of their women being raped, kidnapped or molested, why because it was EXTREME PUNISHMENT AND they protected and educated their women

Action 19 News - Cleveland Strangler: Community Rallies Together

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New guidelines for mammograms could hurt black women.

New recommendations from the government on when women should begin getting mammograms and how often they should done could have a very negative effect on black women as they have a higher rate of death due to late detection. Read more on this and the American Cancer Society's guidelines om mammograms here:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sad News: Shaniya Davis Is Dead; Her Body Is Found

SANFORD, NC (WTVD) -- Monday police found the body of missing 5-year-old who has been the focus of a nationwide Amber Alert.

The child's remains were located in an area bordered by Highway 87 south and Walker Road - just south of Sanford - during a second day of searching.
Video: Reporter Shae Crisson was there when volunteers found the little girl
Fayetteville police spokesperson Theresa Chance said the body of a child was located about 100 feet off the road. She said Shaniya Davis' family would be called on to make a positive identification, but detectives were waiting for the FBI and State Bureau of Investigation to finish work at the crime scene.

Rest in peace, Shaniya Davis and to hell for those people who killed the beautiful girl

Prime News 11/12/09 Shaniya Davis Part 2

Shaniya Davis Press Conf 11/12/09 - 1

Prime News 11/12/09 Shaniya Davis - Part 1

Amber Alert~Shaniya Davis~5 year old girl Missing From Fayetteville, North Carolina

Shaniya Davis Is Missing

Shaniya Nicole Davis Is Missing ♥
♥ Music by: Susan Boyle "Wild Horses" ♥
UPDATE: Mother of Shaniya Charged 11/14/09
Shaniya's mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, 25, was charged at 9:12 p.m. Saturday with human trafficking, felony child abuse - prostitution, filing a false police report, and resisting, delaying or obstructing justice.
UPDATE: Mario Andrette McNeill, 29, was arrested early Friday and was expected to make his initial court appearance at 2 p.m. Friday.
But the whereabouts of Shaniya are still unknown. :( 11:31am

Missing From: Fayetteville, NC
Missing Date: 11/10/2009 6:53 AM reported
Issued for: North Carolina: Statewide
Contact: If you have information, please contact Fayetteville Police Department, 910-433-1851,or 911 also Anyone with information is asked to contact Fayetteville Police at (910) 433-1856
UPDATE: New photo added. A 5 year-old black female child was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt. She was not wearing shoes. Direction and mode of travel is unknown. Missing Child
Name: Shaniya Nicole Davis
Hair Color: Brn Eye Color: Brn
Skin Color: Blk Age: 5
Height: 3' Weight: 40lbs
Gender: Female

The Roissy Syndrome

The more I read about this racist pervert blogger by the name of Roissy, the more I'm disgusted. He lives in predominantly Black Washington D.C.

He stereotypes women, Blacks, non-U Whites, less than attractive people, Asians, etc., to justify his racist misogynistic view of the world.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Disney has a new black princess, but do little girls care?

Disney now has a new black princess which seems much more important to adults than little girls of all races. They are just happy to have a new princess regardless of color. Maybe this is an instance where adults can learn from our little ones. Read the a great story on this by using the link below:

Disney has a black princess but do little girls care?

Disney now has a new black princess which seems much more important to adults than little girls of all races. They are just happy to have a new princess regardless of color. Maybe this is an instance where adults can learn from our little ones. Read the a great story on this by using the link below:

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cleveland Serial Killer: the Fortson family's tragedy

Inez Fortson's search for her daughter Telacia ends when she learns her daughter was a victim of the Cleveland serial killer.

Anti Roma Post by Steve Sailer

It makes you wonder about those HBDers and White Nationalists such as Sailer. They have so much time on their hands to denigrate a powerless People of Color group such as the Gypsies(Roma is their official ethnic name). Racialistic henchmen such as Sailer would label them as a threat to Europe and the West, not knowing why they were kicked out of India centuries ago.

If he took the time to know more about the Roma, their culture, their social organization, he wouldn't jump to racist conclusions he wrote for VDARE five years ago.

Does Precious stereotype big black women?

Excitement surrounding the film Precious continues to grow as the gripping tale of a young woman’s struggle to overcome her past opens in theaters. The film’s main character is Claireece “Precious” Jones, an abused teen mother who is dark-skinned, overweight and illiterate.

Fears that the movie would be viewed as exploitative, or suggest that all black women are like Precious nearly prevented the film from seeing the big screen.

Friday, November 06, 2009

LTH at, Black News Black views: Anthony Sowell: A monster hiding in plain sight

LTH at, Black News Black views: Anthony Sowell: A monster hiding in plain sight

Police and Society Don't Give a Damn About Black Women Crime Victims

Buzzomatic: USA: Suspected Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Proves That The Police Don't Give A Damn About Black Women As Crime Victims:

This is one of those drop the ball moments from the Cleveland PD. They didn't take the missing person reports seriously. In fact, one of the police officers sarcastically told the daughter that she'll show up on Christmastime. How callous and insensitive are those creeps at the Cleveland PD truly are. They also didn't take the complaints about the smell coming out of Mr. Sowell's house.

Truly, the police and society didn't give a damn just as the police in Rocky Mount, N.C., Charlotte, NYC, L.A., etc, didn't give a damn about missing and murdered Black women there. They, along with mainstream society, stereotyped and dismiss the missing/murdered Black women as 'whores', 'jezebels', 'drug addicts', etc.

That mentality needs to change if we are to attain a just and equal society.

Attack at Fort Hood

Cleveland Serial Killer Anthony Sowell - 10 Bodies Found And 1 Skull.. Maybe Even More 2 Come

Cleveland Police use a back hoe to dig up the back yard of suspected serial killer and sexual predator Anthony Sowell on Tuesday, and discovered what is believed to be four more bodies.
That brings the total number of victims found in Sowell's house and yard since last Thursday to 10.
But investigators believe that number will grow, revealing that a human skull was also found Tuesday, in a bucket in Sowell's basement, where some of the victims were earlier found buried.
Tuesday, the first round of charges were filed against Anthony Sowell. He was charged with five counts of aggravated murder for the five women the coroner has concluded were strangled, before their bodies were allegedly hidden by Sowell.
More charges will be filed once authorities are able to confirm the other bodies found in the home were the victims of homicide.
Sowell faces additional charges of kidnapping, rape and felonious assault for an attack on a woman in September.
It was that crime that prompted Cleveland Police to go to the home last Thursday and discover the first three bodies.
The coroner is now using DNA testing and dental records to identify the ten victims.

Mayor Frank Jackson says "I can imagine how families feel who have reported a missing person, an anxiety they're going through, and we want to assure them that as soon as we know something, they will be the first to know."

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Deadly Shooting on Texas Post

Deadly Shooting on Texas Post

Fort Hood Shooting by Army Doctor Nidal Malik Hasan Leaves 12 Dead - ABC News

Fort Hood Shooting by Army Doctor Nidal Malik Hasan Leaves 12 Dead - ABC News

Serial Killer In Rocky Mount NC-Andre Knight Interview

Several black women all of whom suffered from drug addiction and prostitution have been killed in Rocky Mount North Carolina over the past few years. Andre Knight, who sits on the Rocky Mount City Council and President of the local NAACP has been the most vocal in seeking attention to these murders. Is this the work of one person? Knight weighs in also on the National Media attention these murders have spurred

Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo: Twelve shot dead, 31 injured at US Army Fort Hood base, Texas

Wyoming Army National GuardImage by The National Guard via Flickr

Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo: "DEBKAfile: 'At least three gunmen, all soldiers, were involved in the shooting Thursday, Nov. 5, at US Army Fort Hood base in Texas. The first, identified as Army Major Malilk Nadal Hasan, was shot dead after killing 11 soldiers and one police officer with two handguns. The US-born major, in his late 30s, a military psychiatrist who recently converted to Islam, had just been informed he was to be deployed in Iraq.

Until recently, he had been posted at Walter Reid Hospital, Washington D.C.

Two suspects are in custody in connection with at least two separate shooting attacks at Fort Hood, the largest US military facility in the world.

There is no word as yet on their motives or the connections between them. The base is in lockdown.'"

Many Unanswered Questions About Cleveland Serial Killer /

Many Unanswered Questions About Cleveland Serial Killer /

Cleveland Woman Got Away From The Killer

Cleveland woman got away from the killer but was afraid that the police wouldn't take her case seriously.

Italian Court Levies Judgment on U.S. Rendition Program - Political Punch

Italian Court Levies Judgment on U.S. Rendition Program - Political Punch: "ABC News' Rachel Martin reports: The US intelligence gathering program known as “extraordinary rendition” was essentially put on trial for the first time - in Italy - and this week the court rendered a guilty verdict.

Italian Judge Oscar Magi convicted 23 Americans of the 2003 kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric on a street in Milan, Italy. The cleric, known as Abu Omar, alleged that he was abducted by CIA operatives who then shuttled him between US bases in Europe and then moved him to Egypt where Omar says he was tortured. The Italian judge tried the Americans, all but one identified by prosecutors as CIA agents, in absentia. Former CIA Milan station chief Robert Seldon Lady got the toughest sentence – eight years in prison. The others each received a five year sentence. Two Italians were also convicted as accomplices to kidnapping."

family video

when you get this video download it so i can delete it. i tried to send it to you personally through your email but i was not successful.





Anthony Sowell IS A Scumbag and the Police are Total Douchebags!

There is no statue of limitations on evil.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bush on bin Laden: ‘I guess he is not dead.’

Think Progress

Eight years ago, President Bush asserted with great bravado that al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden would be taken “dead or alive.” “I don’t care, dead or alive — either way,” Bush said at the time. This weekend, while attending a conference of business leaders in New Delhi, India, Bush struck a different tone:

Asked whether al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden could be alive, Bush said “I guess he is not dead.”

He, however, noted that Laden is hiding and “not leading victory parades” or “espousing his cause” on TV.

He expressed confidence that Laden will be brought to justice which “he deserves to be” and it was a matter of time.

Bush, who failed to properly resource the Afghanistan war over the term of his presidency, had some advice for Obama as he considers whether or not to send more U.S. troops into that conflict. “I hope we don’t abandon the people of Afghanistan,” Bush said, adding that U.S. withdrawal would cause the return of “brutal tyranny” in the nation.

6 women girls killed murdered strangled in Cleveland Ohio house by Anthony Sowell

Six women found dead at a Cleveland, Ohio, home killed murdered by convicted sex offender Anthony Sowell. The girls appeared to have been strangled, and their decomposing bodies could have been lying there for "weeks, if not months or years

Cops Talk About Anthony Sowell Cleveland Serial Killer Pt 2

Cops Talk About Anthony Sowell Cleveland Serial Killer

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath held a press conference November 3, 2009 to talk about the gruesome crime scene at the house of Anthony Sowell. The search of the house has yielded 10 bodies. Sowell was convicted of rape in 1989 and released in 2004. When police asked him about the crimes he admitted he had lost track of the people he had murdered.

Serial Killer in Cleveland

Why did Anthony Sowell get away with his crimes for so long? Why did it take police 37 days to investigate a reported rape? Why did Anthony not get the rehab he asked for in prison?

Interview with the Mother of a Missing Daughter

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Yes, over and over again and once again, the lives of Black women are not valued by police, media, and society at all. They only report the negatives about Black people when it comes to crime and morals. They rarely, if ever, show the positive side.

We need to create our own media networks and blogs because nobody else is going to care about us.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Friends and Family Gathered at the Vigil in Cleveland

Newsflash: Four More Bodies Are Found At Cleveland Home

More gruesome discoveries.

Why haven't the police and the neighbors surrounding Sowell's house noticed anything soon? Why the police didn't warn the neighbors that there's a sex offender living in their midst? Some or all of his victims would have been alive today. What's wrong, Cleveland? Why do we wait until at least six dead women before police and neighborhood action? Does LA, Rocky Mount mean anything to us? Does the 1978-79 murders of 12 Black women in Boston matter? What about the 11 victims of serial killer Henry Louis Wallace, a serial killer who killed over a four-year period, beginning in 1990, ended in March 1994, when he was taken into custody in Charlotte, N.C. Do they matter to us? Of course they do!

We take lives of poor and Women and Men of Color less seriously than others. That's sad and it shouldn't be that way. We need to change our way of thinking when it comes to murder victims.

An Open Letter To Black Women: Why You Are Beautiful

Check out this open letter from Leonard Pitts a black man and Miami Herald writer in which he not only states that black women are beautiful but explains why:

Monday, November 02, 2009

Posts by Fellow Bloggers November-2-2009

Von from Black Conscious Thought wrote about the infrequency of BF/WM relationships in America:

From Stuff White People Do:

Americans' tendency to homogenize 50 African countries into one big country called Africa, ignoring cultures, races, religions, and governments. As if they are all alike without any individuality

From Siditty:

Black face is making a comeback. It's not just from Tyra, though. Magazines and TV shows employ the use of Blackface as well.

From Brian Beach of Dayton, Ohio:

Infiltrating the Enemy: Hategroups such as Chimpout at:

From Dovesblood:

"I Spent Three Hours At Nixzmary's Apartment" at:

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Horrific Story Out of Cleveland: The Bodies of 6 Women Found in the House

Coroner says 6 women whose bodies were found at home died

Six women found dead at a Cleveland, Ohio, home appeared to have been strangled, and their decomposing bodies could have been lying there for "weeks, if not months or years," a coroner told CNN on Saturday.

Police discovered the bodies at the home of Anthony Sowell, a 50-year-old convicted rapist, after they tried to serve an arrest and search warrant for him related to a sexual assault investigation.

On Thursday, detectives from the department's sex-crimes unit and members of its SWAT team went to Sowell's home to execute the warrant and to arrest the suspect, but he was nowhere to be found, Cleveland Police spokesman Lt. Thomas Stacho said.

Five female victims were found inside the home, and another female body was discovered outside the home, said Cuyahoga County Coroner Frank Miller III.

Miller's office had yet to identify the victims, who all died of "homicidal violence," he said.

"They were mostly strangled, it appears," he said.

To read more of this horrific story, please go to:

My heart goes out to the families of the women who were killed during the past six months.

May they finally find peace.


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