Sunday, June 28, 2009

Black on Black Crime

Black on Black CrimeJune 28, 2009
I wrote this poem after seeing another story about a black man being shot by police. While the outrage was justified I wondered why we don’t see the same level of outrage when one young black man kills another.

While police shootings and brutality are not the isolated incidents many try to make them out to be there is no comparison when it comes to the fact that black on black crime takes far more young black lives.

Until we ourselves show that we care about this issue there will be no way to stop it.


We march when the cops beat us
We cry when our young men are attacked
But where is the outrage
When the attacker is black

Where are the “Civil Rights Leaders”
Where is the black press
When we are the causeo
f a sad and tragic death

Where are the bloggers
When it is us that sow the pain
Where are they at
When some us don’t act sane

Maybe the truth is
We just don’t care
Maybe it’s okay for us to kill each other
But a white cop better not dare

George Cook 2009
From the eBook Let’s Talk Honestly: One Black Man’s


RainaHavock said...

Great Job Reyna!

laromana said...

Although I strongly condemn the ANTI-BW RACISM/HATE that has been been cultivated/promoted in American culture, I believe that, TODAY, BW face the biggest threat of ANTI-BW HATE from MOST BM.

MOST BM have CHOSEN NOT to take responsibility for the protection of BW and THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE.

It is very troubling to see MANY BM promoting ANTI-BW HATE by publicly TRASHING the HUMANITY, DIGNITY, and FEMININITY of BW in the media (eg. ANTI-BW youtube videos, ANTI-BW thug rap "music", ANTI-BW images in Black films, etc.) and in American society at large. There have been several recent HEINOUS CRIMES (the Asia McGowan murder, the Dunbar Village gang rape of a mother and her son, the murder of a BW/WM couple-the Pietzaks by fellow Black servicemen, etc.) commited against BW that have resulted from the ANTI-BW HATE that MANY BM are cultivating in American culture.

Until MOST BM reject sickening, criminal, ANTI-BW attitudes/actions, BW will not receive EQUAL PROTECTION from violent crimes that MOST NON-BW receive.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The fact is, the police only respond with concern when they know there will be consequences when they don't. BM don't respond to violence against BW unless the perpetrator is White. And often not even then.


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