Sunday, July 01, 2018

Would You Want This To Happen To You?

Cop puts a taser on an unarmed suspect.
[Even] if I comply, will they shoot me, beat me or tase me?

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a man records a cop tasing a Black man who sat on the sidewalk complying to his orders. The man who was identified as Sean Williams is seen sitting on the corner being told to stick his hands out and then place his legs together before he was given a jolt from the cop's Taser.

Claims of Williams waving a bat drove the Lancaster Police to the area.

In the video, there is no bat, no aggressive suspect and two cops screaming at Williams to comply.

Arrested for public drunkness and use of controlled substance.

Shaun King were alerted to the controversy.

Is this considered justice?

We are in the final six months of this year. In less than seven days, Donald J. Trump will pick a Supreme Court nominee who could swing in favor of law enforcement agencies.
Sean Williams mugshot.
So if a cop fails to read your Miranda rights or use deadly force if you flee from capture, the Court could say that the cop had reasonable fears that an intimate threat could occur.

This is why Colin Kaepernick and many NFL players are taking a knee. They are tired of police brutality, racism and inequality in America.

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) is running for reelection. Why isn't he speaking out on the police shooting of Antwon Rose? Why isn't he talking about this incident?

Why isn't Gov. Tom Wolf, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), U.S. and the Pennsylvania lawmakers not working on police reform?

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