Saturday, July 07, 2018

I Wear My Socks When I Swim! Why You Call The Law On Me?

Camry Porter was harassed by a white woman because her boyfriend was wearing socks in the pool. The white woman threatened to call 911 on her.
More white people are calling the law on people of color. It's extremely important to note that we are fighting back. They are fighting back with their cameras.

White people calling 911 for trivial disputes shows why its detrimental for us to understand that this is a result Donald J. Trump's impact on our country.

Okay, I wear a wife beater t-shirt when I go to the pool. I don't see people calling the law on me for wearing one. But I would not be surprised about that.
Erica Walker, the apartment manager threatened to call the law on a Black couple because one was wearing socks at the pool.
In Memphis, Camry Porter was just trying to enjoy an afternoon at the pool.

She and her boyfriend were having a good time at a pool when all of a sudden a white woman confronts the boyfriend about his attire. He was wearing socks while in the pool.

She threatened to call the law on them. Porter shared on social media that they were the only ones being called out whereas others (notably white people) are clearly breaking the rules as well.

So the woman was identified as Erica Walker. She was the head manager for the apartment complex. Why I said was? The higher up immediately fired her out the cannon once the videos hit social media.

She was on the phone acting like she was calling the police. Porter said that the rules didn't apply when it came to Walker's friends.
White people are wearing hats and not following the rules.
So once again the law is called on people of color for trivial disputes. An apartment manager so pissed off that a man is wearing socks at a pool.


Erica Walker might want to shut down social media. She going to get her ass trolled for this.

Becky at the pool.

Donald J. Trump's Amerikkka.

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