Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Day The Dems Might Take Over!

Ralph Northam's victory has inspired Democrats after a handful of losses earlier this year.
The Democratic Party celebrates milestones. Yesterday was a huge victory.

A huge victory that made right wing propaganda network Fox News choose to ignore during its primetime. It was reported that Sean "Softball" Hannity was so upset he devoted only 5 seconds to coverage. He chose to focus on Hillary Clinton, the Russian dossier and the inept leader's mediocre speech to South Korean leaders.

Republicans are scratching their heads today. Historical wins for the Democrats signal trouble for the Republican Party in the midterm.

What could be a bloodbath in 2018 is uncertain.

I do know that if Republicans continue their agenda, they're at high risk of losing elections and the power to gerrymander in 2020.

Donald J. Trump is extremely unpopular as a leader. He is toxic to Republicans. Trump's in the face rhetoric is hurting the party with mainstream Republicans.

There are a handful of members in the House of Representatives and the Senate who announced their retirements.

In the state of Virginia, they elected two Latinas, one Vietnamese woman, one transgender woman and a former news reporter won in their races. Each of them faced an onslaught of controversial ads targeting them over their race, sexuality, their stances on guns and religion.

Republicans were hoping to capture a huge victory in the state with Ed Gillespie, a perennial candidate for higher office. Trump blasted the losing candidates for not embracing him.

Republicans are debating whether they can get their agenda done. They are hoping to pass a tax reform law before next year. With lack of appeal and a lack of cooperation from moderates, the party's tax reform plan could be sunk before Christmas.

Black history was also made. The state of New Jersey and Virginia have two African American lieutenant governors as well.

Maine rejected the Republican governor's attempt to destroy Medicare.

Mayors of all different backgrounds won against Republican and Democratic incumbents.  In towns big and small, Democrats swept into power.

Some of the largest cities like Minneapolis, St. Paul, Charlotte, Seattle have ousted mayors who failed to deal with racism in the police force.

In Hoboken, New Jersey, a man who is a Sikh won the mayor's race despite a whisper campaign to slander him as a terrorist.

Even in Helena, Montana, a Black man won the mayor's race.

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