Friday, November 10, 2017

Roy Moore Heads To A Softball Game!

Sean "Softball" Hannity is defending embattled senate candidate Roy Moore.
Time for Sean Hannity to go!

The folks at Media Matters, Sleeping Giants and Color of Change have intensified their attempts to get advertisers to dump him.

This is getting interesting. He is facing pressure.

Will Fox News let go of their number one host like they did Bill O'Reilly?

The most annoying conservative agitator in the history of media is giving a platform to Roy Moore, a Republican nominee for the Senate who allegedly had trysts with underage girls.

The term Softball Hannity was generated by me to describe the weak interviews he conducts with Republicans and controversial figures.
Moore says he did talk to accusers but that's all he did. His campaign hasn't imploded yet.

On his radio show, Moore defends himself by doing his usual shell game. He blames the Washington Post and the Democratic Party for his woes.

The junk food media also slams Hannity for giving lip service. The softball has been trying his hardest to discredit 30 sources saying Moore did interact with the accusers.

Even those on the left said regardless of the timing, conservatives are protecting a pedophile.

Alabama voters will still elect him to serve the remainder of the term. I still have it as LIKELY REPUBLICAN.

Many prominent Republicans have cut ties to Moore and demand he quit.

Moore won't quit.

Matter of fact, this state lawmaker Ed Henry under fire for calling for the accusers to be charged with a crime for disrupting the election.

More on this Saturday.

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