Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Gabrielle Canales Clams Up After Geeking An Uber Driver!

Pretty stupid.

On occasions I drive for Uber. I haven't drove in a while because I owe the federal government taxes. I made some good money driving. I have many stories to tell about. But as usual, I'll share with you the negative.

The rideshare company Uber is facing backlash yet again. The company is trying to clean up its image after its founder Travis Kalanick allowed sexual harassment and rampant ignorance plague his company.

Travis Kalanick was fired out the cannon.

Now Uber is trying to get things back on the right track. They allow online tipping and driver accept monetary donations.

A New York woman is facing international backlash after she was caught on camera stealing out of a driver's tip jar.

Gabrielle Canales was caught on camera stealing out of Mohammed Bhuiyan's tip jar and told the junk food media that she isn't one bit sorry about it.

The woman is an 18 year old model. This incident happened in August and was made public in November.

Canales said that she doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks of her. She took a measley $5 and the world is condemning her for petty shit.

The NYPD could charge her for petty theft if the driver decides to report her.

The only satisfaction was Uber cutting her and her friends loose.

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