Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Dana Loesch Puts Out The Blaze!

Conservative agitator Dana Loesch leaves TheBlaze.

Conservative agitator Dana Loesch is leaving TheBlaze Network.

“It’s been a really, really fun time but sometimes, good things must come to an end. And so this is going to be my last week here at The Blaze.”

The empire founded by right wing demogugue Glenn Beck is on the verge of collapse. The agitators who stayed on weren't getting paid. Dana Loesch stayed on at least until her check bounced.

The network had to close up its Ohio, New York and California locations. Now it's down to Texas.

TheBlaze is located in Irving, Texas.

Loesch was a local radio agitator out of suburban St. Louis. She turned the name for herself after she promoted books talking about her experiences with guns. Loesch enjoys teasing men off her legs and shiny boots. It helped her get speaking gigs on cable news.

She joined TheBlaze network in 2013 after Fox News and CNN severed ties with her.

Loesch hosts a radio program during the noon hour and continues to be embraced by the gun lobby. She is a paid spokesperson for the NRA.

She openly supports gun rights for all Americans despite the constant mass shootings.

She caught a digital dash when she took a shot at Philando Castile, a concealed carry who was killed by former Falcon Heights, Minnesota cop Jeronimo Yanez after a routine traffic stop. Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty in the murder.

Now I had a feeling that Dana Loesch will turn up on CRTV.
Conservative agitator Dana Loesch leaves struggling network The Blaze.
Earlier this year, Tomi Lahren was fired out the cannon after her infamous appearance on The View. Many people at TheBlaze claimed at Lahren was a bitch. The agitator is part of the white extremist movement labeled the alt-right.

Loesch didn't like Lahren stealing her spotlight. It was agreed that "Tami" had to go.

Lahren got a leg up by Beck's on and off rival Sean "Softball" Hannity. Fox News hired her in August and she is being groomed for a show in the future.

Initially I thought that Lahren would have been the best choice for 5 pm spot.

The executives decided to put The Five back on its regular spot.

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