Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Charlie Sheen Tagged Corey Heim!

Charlie Sheen has more problems plaguing him. Accusations of sexually abusing former child star Corey Heim are coming to light.
Hollywood knew about it.

Former actor and writer Corey Feldman is about to expose many of Hollywood's Elite. Feldman claims that that many men and women molested him when he was a kid.

Feldman was friends with the late actor Corey Heim. The child star grew up to become a troubled celebrity who died of years of drug abuse. The arm candy and alcohol killed Heim.

Feldman was best friends with the Canadian-American celebrity.

There are allegations that Charlie Sheen raped Heim. Sheen was then 19 and Heim was 13. The two were filming the movie Lucas when the sexual assault happened.

Dominick Brascia made the claim today. This comes in the wake of Feldman's accusations of his manager, a female and a high profile actor sexually assaulted him.
Corey Heim died in 2010.
Charlie Sheen revealed in November 2015 that he was diagnosed with HIV.

Sheen is the son of actor Martin Sheen and brother Emilio Estevez.

Sheen denies conduct with Heim. The actor is currently being sued by a handful of people who claimed they slept with him. They believe they might have been exposed to HIV when they had unprotected sex with the former Two and Half Men star.

Sheen at one time made $15 million an episode. He got into his infamous meltdown in 2011 with series creator Chuck Lorre. He was fired out the cannon after he called Lorre offensive names.

That meltdown probably occurred when he found out he was diagnosed with the virus.

The LAPD is looking into the accusations.

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