Thursday, November 02, 2017

Blame Game: The Difference!

Terrorist murdered three in Colorado Walmart.

The terrorist who ran over eight people in New York will get federal charges for terrorism and felonious assault with motor vehicle. I will not say his name.

He was injured by police fire. He is recovering at a local hospital.

Our inept leader tweeted this morning.

So when they catch the terrorist who murdered three people inside a Thornton, CO Walmart, will Donald J. Trump send him to GITMO?

Scott Ostrem is the terrorist involved in the latest mass shooting in America.

Last night the junk food media reported that the terrorist managed to let his gun go blam.

The Thornton Police being assisted by the FBI are trying to trace the terrorist's connections to the victim's.

While Trump was calling for the death penalty to the man who ran over eight people with a rental truck in New York, a white man in Colorado kills.

You won't hear much from the right wing demogugues in the junk food media.

Gun violence is the number one threat in the United States. Not terrorism.

We keep ignoring the obvious. In order to take controversy off the Russian investigation, Trump and Republicans are focusing on their need to be strong on terrorism.

And as usual, they use their tongues and not their brains.

The mass shooting in Colorado. Three were killed. The suspect is caught. Who gets the blame?

Donald Trump
Barack Obama
Black Lives Matter
The Media
The Shooter
Build Quizzes

If the terrorist is caught, he will face capital murder charges. He will face either LIFE or DEATH if convicted. The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The last deadliest mass shootings in Colorado were in Aurora (movie theater), Littleton (Columbine High School) and Colorado Springs (spree killer and Scott Roeder).

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