Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Black Man N-Tapped His Own Ride!

A Black man is facing a backlash for a racially motivate attack. The man is a Kansas State University student who ended up n-tapping his whip.

Here's what his vehicle had before he cleaned it off.

“Go Home Nigger Boy,” “Fuck You Die Dumb Nigger,” “Date Your Own Kind”

The city of Manhattan, Kansas was on the edge. The Riley County boys and the city police wanted to catch the person who defaced this person's car.

Dauntarius Williams was the alleged victim. He even shared this on social media. The public took notice and offered sympathy and demanded the arrest of the individuals who did it.

A woman working at a local gas station saw the vehicle and Williams enter the store asking for window and floor cleaner.
Once she saw it, she took a picture and shared it online. It went viral and got Black Twitter's attention.

The president of the university wrote a public statement.

Dear Kansas State Community, 
Yesterday a disturbing incident affected our Manhattan campus and caused significant pain to our students, faculty and staff. The racist messages found on a car parked off campus are a direct attack on the values of our community. 
Those who wish us harm should not be allowed to create a culture of fear and divisiveness. As I hear from student leadership following this incident, your message is clear: We need to ensure the safety of those affected by this attack.
The K-State Police Department will immediately increase its patrols and visible presence on the Manhattan campus. Those who need support should use the many resources we make available through student life and our counseling center. Please avail yourselves of assistance if needed, including our LiveSafe app and Wildcat Walk services. If we need to make additional resources available, we will.
We call on the Riley County Police Department to use all available resources in its criminal investigation, including any necessary state and federal resources. There has already been widespread misinformation about this incident; we need to make decisions based on factual information, not rumors, unsubstantiated social media posts or stories. Let’s get it right.
My military career taught me that our collective safety depends on strength and vigilance. We all need to exercise both. I am asking Vice President Cindy Bontrager to conduct a complete audit of security cameras on our Manhattan campus and develop a plan to improve our coverage. We will review security plans and improve as needed.
In this uncertain time, I ask each of us to reach out to anyone who needs support and be alert for ways to help. We need to come together and resist those who wish to pull us apart. 
Richard B. Myers
Kansas State University
A few days later, Williams confessed that this was a "joke."

The Black student union and the public now turned on him and demands some accountability.
Two students from Kansas State University don blackface.
Williams may face criminal charges if he filed a false police report.

Conservatives often hate being called racist. Whenever a racial hoax is exposed, conservatives demand Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Jesse Jackson to publicly apologize for riling up Black America with fake racial stories.
Dauntarius "Will" Williams on the right. The young man is from California according to NCSA sports. He was the guy who caused a racial hoax.
Kansas State University had its share of actual racial issues. White extremists were sharing flyers on campus.

Me and S. Baldwin reported on college incidents that dealt with white students who wore blackface, nooses hung around the campus and racial graffiti on the campus.

We can now say racial hoaxes do happen as well.

For the all the good Black America does, one of us sets a generation back.

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