Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Woman Was Tormented By An A** Cause She Was A Muslim!

Asshole gets caught trying to harass a Muslim woman.

This guy Rob from Detroit got some attention this week after he made some inappropriate comments towards a woman. The woman grabbed her phone and recorded the entire ordeal.

They were in Atlanta when this altercation occurred. He had to remark if she was a foreigner because she's a Muslim.

The man, who identified himself as Rob and says in the video he is from Detroit, sat down at a table with Asma Elhuni of Atlanta at a cafe there and ultimately asked her, "Do you have a green card?"

The woman is American. She is a graduate student in political science at Georgia State University and an intern for Democratic state representative Brenda Lopez.

"I was just studying, and I looked up and here's a man pointing a camera at me," said Elhuni. She asked the man if he was taking a picture of her and he said yes. She asked why, "and he said, 'Because I want to.'"

Elhuni said that anyone who doubts why she was concerned about Rob's behavior wasn't there to see what led her to turn on the camera. This was the third time in two weeks a stranger tried to take a picture of her.
Hero of the day. A woman who caught an ignorant hater trying to harass her.
"They don't know what happened beforehand," she said. "Even though he tried to save himself in the video, his Islamophobia, his xenophobia caught up with him and came out in that video. I just captured a moment that happens often to Muslims."

Rob then would have the audacity to call her a "bitch" and say she needs to "chill".

Elhuni was pretty brave about recording this guy.

"Really what I wanted to show him was, one, what he did was inappropriate, and two 'I'm not afraid of you,'" said Elhuni.

Before things turned for the worse, another man would asked this asshole to leave.

The Southern Poverty Law Center had reported numerous incidents involving anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. Most of the reactionary has started from the fuhrer's executive order banning travelers from seven majority Muslim countries. Many of them call it a Muslim ban.

The federal courts are debating this. A federal judge put a temporary block on the executive order.

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