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Media Continues The Glaring Profiles Of "Hot Teachers" Raping Students!

Thao "Sandy" Donan faces the wrath of the public. She is a "hot teacher" caught in a tryst with a student. The student tried to blackmail the woman. She was caught by a suspicious mother.

Okay, I am getting really tired of these goddamn teacher-student sex stories.

The junk food media is trying to rationalize these predators in the classroom. I don't understand what drives these educators to this. I mean they get all the training and certification to teach individuals to achieve a decent education. Why on earth would they find love in the classroom with the people they're required to teach.

I know mentorship is a part of the teacher's position, but grooming them to have sex is another issue that is certainly getting my attention.

What pisses me off is the fact that every outlet in the junk food media seems to be picking and choosing which type of teacher gets caught in these deplorable scandals.

And what about the parents or the victim?

Usually rape of men is rare. But when a woman rapes a man, do men report that to the police?

Is that a sensitivity issue?

Another teacher was busted for having sex with her student. This one tried to extort from her in order to keep quiet. The junk food media puts a glaring picture of the teacher and how two wrongs lead to her arrest.

For the past 20 years, I was intrigued by how the junk food media covered these stories. Each of these teachers arrested are pretty attractive. I hear some get leniency for committing these acts of rape. Understand that most men find some very strong attraction to the hot teachers.

A 27-year-old teacher paid more than $28,000 — unwittingly, to the 14-year-old she was sleeping with.

Dallas Criminal Court documents describe the payments as hush money to cover up an affair that Tao "Sandy" Doan feared would cost her her job and her freedom.

She may lose both anyway. Police arrested Doan on Jan. 20 and charged her with having an improper relationship with a student and with sexual assault. The cycle of sex and blackmail came to an end after a concerned mother tried to figure out where her son was getting so much extra cash, according to an arrest warrant filed in criminal court.

Doan met the student while he attended Quintanilla Middle School, a school on the city’s west side where she taught math and social studies and coached the cross-country team, the court documents say. They began communicating via Kik, Instagram and text messages, then started having romantic conversations on the phone.

The relationship got physical in July 2015, according to the affidavit, when Doan picked the student up at his home and drove him to a park to have sex.

A search warrant affidavit obtained by Fox 4 described explicit texts and said Doan sent the student a picture of her naked breasts. They allegedly met for sex in the middle of November and on Dec. 29, 2015.

The threatening texts began a few days later, the affidavit says. Throughout the year, they came from different phone numbers and struck a demanding tone.

“(Ain’t) bulls — — watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready!” one of the blackmail texts read, according to the affidavit. “To show the cops right I (ain’t) playing.”

To make the payments, Doan withdrew money from her bank account or took out payday loans.

Even as she was making the payments, she continued having sex with the student, court documents said.

At home, the student, newly enriched, was becoming unruly, his mom told Dallas Fox-affiliate KDFW. He had already been in and out of the juvenile court system for burglary and robbery charges and things were getting worse. He used the money to buy drugs and alcohol. Sometimes he disappeared for days.

“He would probably get money and just leave the whole weekend,” she told Fox 4. “I wouldn’t hear from him. I’d be out looking for him.”

She went through his phone and found the text messages, KDFW reported. She believes the most recent payment was for $1,500 on Jan. 9.

She called the school the next day, trying to get it to put a stop to the relationship. Administrators called police.

Investigators met with Doan and interrogated her about her relationship with the student, and the year of payments, according to the documents. That’s when she provided preliminary figures about how much she had paid the student and gave them consent to search her cellphone, the affidavit says. They found evidence of both the blackmail and the sexual encounters.

The Dallas Independent School District and Doan’s attorney did not immediately respond to messages from The Washington Post seeking comment.

In 2016, the number of Texas teachers having inappropriate relationships with students climbed for the eighth year in a row, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The increase, apparently spurred by increasing social media contact, led the Texas Education Agency to ask for nearly $400,000 more to hire investigators to look into the allegations.

“For the past decade, there has been a steady increase in the number of inappropriate educator-student relationships reported to the agency,” the agency’s budget request states. “As the caseload has increased, the number of investigators has remained the same over the past several years.”

The suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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