Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Juliet Huddy: Bill O'Reilly Is A Nasty Pervert!

Juliet Huddy was one of the women caught in the "No Spin Zone" with Bill O'Reilly. She settled with Fox News over allegations the number one cable news agitator sexually harassed her.
The number one face in cable news is creepy old racist pervert.

Looks like Bill O'Reilly had another "fucking thing sucks" moment. The folks over at Fox News were accused of hiding a sexual harassment scandal that didn't even involved Roger Ailes. It was Bill O'Reilly, himself and he was sexaully harrassing former Fox News and Fox New York anchor Juliet Huddy.

Huddy reached a settlement with the network executives and it was swept under the rug.

Jack McCarthy, the current co-CEO of Fox News was also an alleged player in this. He was accused by Huddy of sexaully harassing her when she became the anchor of Fox NY.

Huddy who is the goddaughter of Ailes was hired at Fox in the 2000s.

In 2011, Huddy was a commentator on The O'Reilly doing "I'm Mad As Hell" segment.

During the break-time, O'Reilly would try to pursue a relationship with Huddy who was single at the time.
The ego has landed.
"When she rebuffed his advances, he tried to derail her career," the letter said. "He invited her to his house on Long Island, tried to kiss her, took her to dinner and the theater, and after asking her to return a key to his hotel room, appeared at the door in his boxer shorts."

McCarthy on the other hand wanted to give Huddy a back massage and tried to grope her. He was also trying to have a relationship with her. When she rejected his advances, he tried to retaliated against her.

She was offered a "high six figures" sum to keep out of the limelight during the Ailes affair.

21st Century Fox and O'Reilly's lawyer denied the accusations.

Gabriel Sherman, the writer for New York Magazine and MSNBC said that Fox News secretly paid out four women since Ailes left.

Wondering who's who may have taken a buyout. Was the Marina Vladimirovna Orlova? Was it Tonya Reiman? Was it Rudi Bakhtiar? Was it Anna Kooiman?

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