Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fox Slashed The Dash!

Well one face I don't have to look forward to seeing is the aging Black conservative agitator who once was a man's fantasy girl. The political agitator and actress Stacey Dash got fired out the cannon.

Dash, George Will, Cal Thomas and Ed Ro─║lins were loaded into a cannon and fired out of it.

The folks over at the Trump supporting Fox News Channel decided that these agitators will not have their contracts renewed. Their services are no longer needed at Fox.

Dash, 50 caused a great deal of controversy during her three years at the network. She had said some foul shit about Jay-Z, Beyonce, former president Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Prince, Jesse Williams, Jada Pinkett Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

She was a huge supporter of the fuhrer.

They hired a white extremist named Nigel Farage as a contributor to the network.

Black Twitter is enjoying every moment of this. They say that karma came a bit this beeyotch in the ass.

Remember former Fox president Roger Ailes said that she was the "black girl"

Dash was best known for being in the movie and television series Clueless. Also had a role in Mo' Money and was a video vixen in Rick Ross, Kanye West and The Game music videos.

Dash is officially a washed up celebrity for those who didn't know. And her politics are like Sarah Palin, tired and played out.

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