Thursday, January 19, 2017

Anita Baker: Silence Is Golden!

The Songstress is retiring from the music biz.

She brought me joy.

The Detroit born singer said on social media, it's a wrap.

Anita Baker, the famed R&B, jazz singer announced on Twitter that she is retiring from the music business. Her label Blue Note was completely unaware that she was not giving them the best she got.

It all went down last week when she posted a cryptic message to her fans.

She will celebrate her birthday this month.

I remember that she had an album that was supposed to be released some years back, but it was scrapped.

She is a four time platinum selling artist. She won eight Grammy's for her albums.

I wonder if the fuhrer Donald J. Trump's victory caused her to retire. Obviously, many entertainers are not keen on the pussy grabber winning the election.

Anita Baker, you're our angel. We hope the best for you. And retirement isn't going away! It's kind of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the music industry.

Late Thread dedicated to Anita Baker.

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