Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Law Owns Up To Dun Deal After Wrongful Arrest!

The city of Augusta gave Dun Deal a bigger studio to produce his hits.

Make America Great Again!

Not so for great for rap producer Dun Deal and the city of Augusta, Georgia. He was detained by the state boys for a crime he didn't commit. The city loses money that could repair the roads, bridges and fund city workers. It seems like they'll have to do some retraining on them police officers involved. 

Matter of fact, it might cost Augusta police recruits. 

Dun Deal, born David Cunningham doesn't live in Augusta. But he's now a resident after he was awarded $300,000 in a settlement by the consolidated city county of Augusta/Richmond County. The feds and Richmond County Sheriff's office swore out a false warrant against the producer. They claimed his fingerprints were on a getaway vehicle involved in a geeking of an Augusta Costco back in 2014. 

Dun Deal had no connection to the crime, despite a witness allegedly identifying him from his artist page on social media. The geekers were involved in stealing nearly $100,000 in jewelry from a display case. 

In addition to the settlement, the Sheriff's office formally apologized to the rap producer and placed those involved in the freezer pending an investigation.
Geeker fingered Dun Deal in a jewelry heist he didn't commit.
When he was on social media he accepted a friend request from a fan. That fan was an alleged ringleader in the group. The alleged geeker Ronnica Westmoreland rented a vehicle. She let her fellow geekers bolt off with the loot.

Instead of reading the woman her rights, the law let her sung like a canary and she fingered Dun Deal. She should have clammed up and got an attorney before speaking to the law. 

"She said, 'I loaded it to a guy named David.' David is a pretty common name so they went to her Facebook page, found everyone named David. They found a Black man who wears a lot of jewelry. So they jumped to the conclusion, that must be him," said James Radford, the rap producer's attorney.

"The picture that they showed me of me was with Birdman. They asked me who that was. He was wearing a lot of diamonds and they slid me the picture, and they asked, 'Who's this? I'm like, that's Birdman!" said Dun Deal. 

In the warrant, police said Dun Deal looked like one of the men in this security video. They even said they had his fingerprints, which turned out to be a total lie because he has no criminal history.

While in Dallas, the FBI and U.S. Marshals intercepted Dun Deal. Undercovers arrested him while he was with his family. They went to his studio in Atlanta and swarmed the place during a 6AM Knock-Knock. That's a controversial no knock warrant. It's a tactic that prevents alleged criminals from hiding evidence or obtaining firearms while being detained. 

"They threw tear gas over the gate, put guns in people's faces," said Dun Deal. 

He spent 10 days in the county lockup and wasn't given a reason why. 

The suspects were detained and pled guilty to the criminal geek. Dean Summers, Nikevion Curtis, Brian Bickman and Demetrius Pennamon were given nickels in the iron college. Westmoreland was charged for making false statements to federal officers. She is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

Dun Deal hasn't talked much since the incident. Matter of fact he is now extremely cautious on social media. He hasn't accepted the friend request from people on Facebook. So I rather follow and see his developments. I am not trying to get him in anymore trouble. 

"If he was someone else, someone else without family, without means without a father who understood the process, that 10 days could have turned to 50. It could have turned to 100. That's how people get sucked into the system," said Dun Deal's second attorney Caleb Gross.

Dun Deal produced tracks for The Migos, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Future, Young Dolph, Blac Youngsta, Juicy J, Rich Homie Quan, Kevin Gates and others. 

Known hits produced by Dun Deal are The Migos' single "Hannah Montana."

Here's the single Still Beating from Gucci Mane featuring Peewee Longway and Young Dolph.

The controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/immature fuhrer in waiting Donald J. Trump is building his cabinet full of well-established billionaires and lawmakers. He may put that controversial Black coon cop David Clarke as his Homeland Security secretary. He already put that pro-Confederate squinty eyed bigot Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) as the Attorney General. 

See in Donald Trump's America, a rap producer is automatically a criminal.

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