Friday, December 23, 2016

Tha Carter V Landed In Billionaire Douche Martin Shkreli's Lap!

Obnoxious billionaire Martin Shkreli brags about owning Lil' Wayne's master copy of his scrapped album Tha Cater V.

The scrapped Tha Carter V was supposed to released on Cash Money Records in 2014. It was Lil' Wayne's final in the series. The album was scrapped after Lil' Wayne got into a huge feud with Cash Money CEO Bryan "Baby" Williams, known also as Birdman.

The two have a major feud. Birdman also put the brakes on Tyga and others after they spoke out against the label during interviews.

Birdman also has acquired rights to Young Money Entertainment, the label that Lil' Wayne co-owns.

It just started trending on social media.

A controversial billionaire hedge fund manager and all around douche, Martin Shkreli claims he has the master copy of Lil' Wayne's album. Shkreli teases the viewers on his Periscope video, a single called Carter V.

Shkreli was previewing snippets of the album.

He is notorious for raising the prices on life saving pharmaceutical drugs that assist in treatment of HIV and cancer.

He is also notorious for buying the rare Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album from the Wu-Tang Clan last year.

The album was kept under armed guards, enclosed inside a unbreakable box, and is considered one of the rarest and most expensive album.

Shkreli bragged he paid $2 million for the album. The album would cost $30 million by most standards.

The group vowed to keep it on lock until 2103. Shkreli violated the clause by playing a snippet of the video a day after Fuhrer Trump won the election,

Shkreli is considered a hip-hop fan.

Steam was coming out of Lil' Wayne's ears. He was pissed that the album was leaked without his permission and he is launching an investigation into the matter.

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