Thursday, December 15, 2016

Orange Ambition!

Divas take a photo op. The fuhrer and bitch boi Kanye West meet.

The meeting of two minds. One is a controversial rapper/producer/reality television star/bitch boi who married a controversial reality star who got famous off a sex tape. The other is a controversial billionaire racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/immature reality television star who will be the first Fuhrer of The United States.

After being spotted donning a shade of blonde, Kanye West emerges from his mental breakdown even more nuttier. West and wife Kim Kardashian have suffered setbacks. Wifey was robbed of her jewels and tied up in the bathroom while vacationing in Paris. She has taken a break from reality television and social media.

West had a bipolar breakdown. He was in Los Angeles getting treatment. When he left the hospital he hopped on a plane and headed to the second White House in Manhattan to meet with fuhrer in waiting Donald J. Trump.

The guy who went off script by saying "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" is buddying with the guy who once demanded President Barack Obama show his birth certificate.

Trump is in a honeymoon period. He hasn't gotten used to the responsibilities of being in charge of a country with 330 million people. About 1/2 of the country hates him and his Christian extremist partner Mike Pence.

This photo op on Tuesday gives the impression that he's desperately trying to reach out to Black voters.

West even teased the idea that he could be the next fuhrer in eight years. We all know that Trump is likely going to win reelection based on how weak and spineless the Democrats are.

I mean he pulled at least 10 percent or more of the vote.

I didn't vote for him.

I didn't buy Kanye West's album or even wasted time downloading it.

John Legend who supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was not happy about the photo op.

West had went after former mentor Jay-Z at a concert and bashed Queen Bey.

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