Thursday, December 29, 2016

Do You Believe The World Is Getting Tired Of Israel?

President Barack Obama is not going to kiss a foreign leader's ass. The fuhrer Donald J. Trump will toss Benjamin Netanyahu's salad.

Yesterday, I was tired. I couldn't make the cut on this posting until today. But I wanted to let the readers know that I am all for peace in the Middle East. But I am so tired of having to address the issues going on between these factions. Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are often mentioned by the junk food media.

Oftentimes the United States always comes to the aid of poor nuclear powered and military strong Israel at the expense of the Palestinians and the Muslim world. The terrorists believe that military forces like the U.S. and Israel are committing genocide against the Muslim world. Although I refuse to believe this, it's starting to look like this everyday we hear about casualties who aren't armed with rocket launchers.

I am getting tired of hearing the rhetoric from this foreign jackass named Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is a right wing leader who pushes for settlement building in the East Jerusalem.

He also pushes for war against Iran and many other nations that don't support the "Jewish" state.

Secretary of State John Kerry had to respond to the accusations from Netanyahu that President Barack Obama deliberately allowed the United Nations to condemn Israel from building settlements on Palestine's territory.

Kerry delivered some hard truths. And as expected Republicans pretend to be outraged over the comments and vow to spend your taxpayer dollars to protect the 51st State.

When the fuhrer comes to power he might pick a nominee who is willing to drive us into another war with the Middle East.

Your honest opinion on Israel. What is your opinion of the country?

I believe that Israel deserves the right to defend itself from foreign threats. The United States should have vetoed the UN-resolution. Israel has a right to exist.
Israel takes our taxpayer money and then slaps us in the face with accusations of not supporting them. I am getting to the point where I am sick and tired of hearing about Israel. They are brutalizing the people of Palestine.
President Barack Obama is not a friend to Israel. I believe Benjamin Netanyahu will find comfort with President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump will bend over backwards for Israel. I believe Benjamin Netanyahu will push Trump into another war on fear and bigotry.
I believe that Palestinians deserve the right to their land. Israel continues to build settlements despite the world warning them that it could cause tension with the Arab world.
I don't care what goes on in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Obama isn't going to be talked down by Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin.

Fuck Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Republicans, Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin and the idiots who voted for these people.

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