Thursday, December 29, 2016

Arkansas Teacher Calls Michelle Obama The "First Chimp!"

Arkansas teacher called the Obamas a bunch of monkeys. He said that Black protesters are a bunch of NIGGERS who love free stuff. The Malvern School Board is working on placing this asshole in the cannon and firing him out.

Trent Bennett, expect death threats. This is the price you pay for posting racist shit about Black people and the Obamas on your social media.

I blame fuhrer Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Asa Hutchinson, Tom Cotton and John Boozman for the actions of this dirty ass punk.

How dare you have the audacity to call First Lady Michelle Obama, the first chimp.

You fuck face Trumperwood.

This slimeball who teaches at Malvern High School is under investigation for posting some racist shit on his social media page.

Some of the goodies he posted on social media was calling the First Lady, "America's First Chimp."

"The difference in the 1776, they were busting the things that were being taxed and symbolized the oppression, The motherfucking monkeys are just using it as an excuse to loot and steal like lowlife NIGGERS. No statement being made except "look at what a son of a Bitch I am."

Well someone posted the screengrab on HelloRacist and tipped off the junk food media.

Malvern School District got wind of it and said that something is going to be done soon.

"Over the Holiday weekend the District became aware of what appears to be a social media post by a district employee on his personal account that was inappropriate, insensitive, and used racially charged rhetoric," the district said.
The Obama family will be missed. 
"In no way are these posts reflective of the District. The District is currently investigating the matter and due to privacy laws and regulations are not able to comment specifically on any details related to the investigation. The District takes this kind of activity very seriously and the appropriate measures will be taken once the investigation is complete."

Malvern parents and students have planned to boycott the school's games if Bennett isn't removed by the time classes resume on Jan. 9, ABC reported.

"It's unbelievable, I'm in shock about it, we just want the right thing to happen," said Tabitha Hughes, who graduated from Malvern High School in 1991.

"Honestly, I don't think he needs to be teaching," she told a local NBC News affiliate
President of the Arkansas State Conference of the NAACP Youth and College Division, Christopher Kingsby, called Bennett's alleged comments "heartbreaking," but he also raised the possibility that the teacher's account could have been hacked.

"Social media is not always an excellent source of information and social media accounts have been found to be easy to hack," he said in a statement. "I would hope that a public servant especially a high school teacher who is surrounded by teenagers who are looking to their teachers for guidance wouldn't make a comment of sort."

"We owe our first family and our president the respect that not only comes with the office of President but the respect of being a human being, and when President-Elect Trump takes office I would hope we would treat him with the same respect we would treat President Obama with."

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