Thursday, November 24, 2016

White Extremists Murder Will Sims!

Will Sims was murdered by White extremists.
Say his name! His name is William "Will" Sims. He was murdered by Donald J.  Trump and his White extremist supporters.

The junk food media is going to be forced to address these issues going on. White extremists are now plotting war against Black America. That controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/reality star who will be their next president has given the green light to openly attack us.

Will Sims is trending in the social media because of the #BlackLivesMatter activists pushing for the feds to pursue justice.

Sims was murdered in Richmond, California by a group of White extremists. He was beaten and then shot near a pool hall.

Contra County County sheriff's office says that three men targeted Sims because of his race.

Sims who was a musician and had no criminal history was jumped by these three assholes. Members of the community described him as a very gentle person and helped others whenever he could.

The White extremists were named by the state and will be charged for murder and hate crimes. They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Porter-Kelly is being held at the Martinez Detention Lockup without bail. He’s scheduled to be arraigned at the George D. Carroll Courthouse in Richmond on Monday, prosecutors said. These charges could give these individuals the DEATH CARD.
These three White extremists murdered a Black man for no damn reason.
Daniel Porter-Kelly, Ray Simons, Daniel Ortega and Ortega's mother Renee Drown are being charged with this.

The feds are searching for Ortega and Simmons. They are considered terrorists. They are armed and dangerous. They are considered suicidal and willing to die.

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