Sunday, November 06, 2016

Trump SuperPac Rips Off The Simpsons!

Republican SuperPac rehashes old memories. Last ditch effort to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the first female president.

They're practically giving up on trying to win fairly. The Trump campaign and its allies are now trying to rehash the past to stop Hillary Clinton's momentum. This Future45 SuperPac is taking a satirical spin on the Clinton "scandals". The ad is trying to give the impression that former president Bill Clinton's past is Hillary Clinton's future.

This animated clip is being played in Ohio, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina. It's called "Moving Vans" and it has the trademark "The Simpsons" intro. 

This ad might get a cease and desist order from 21st Century Fox and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

As expected, the timing is completely off. The FBI said that Clinton is not going to be indicted. 

Sheldon Adelson and Ken Griffin are pouring in last minute funding into the Trump campaign.

They are hoping to scare Republicans out to vote. 

The October Surprise turns out to be another dud for Republicans. And on Tuesday, history is going to be made. 

Will we hear President-elect Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton or  President-elect Donald John Trump?

Clinton has a 60% Chance of WINNING the election.

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