Saturday, November 19, 2016

Special Seating For Pence!

Vice President-elect Mike Pence was called out by the cast of Hamilton.

We're still in transition period. The controversial Christian extremist who happens to be the outgoing governor of Indiana is enjoying a night on the town. He goes to a hit Broadway show and the cast stops the script to address an issue that got the junk food media buzzing.

The cast of the hit musical Hamilton took a moment from performing to send a message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence. They called upon Pence to inform the controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/reality television star to work on behalf of all Americans.

Of course, President-elect Donald Trump was none too happy about it. So instead of ignoring the comments, he hopped on social media to bitch about it and demanded an apology.

Pence was roundly booed by those in the audience.

Now the "no PC" crowd wants to boycott the musical. Pathetic.

In Trump's America, if you criticize him or his administration you're not making America great again.

Of course, Trump forgotten the Freedom of Speech works both ways.

Trump and his crew built their victory on attacking everything as "corrupt". For those who decide to scalp their tickets, go right ahead. It's nearly impossible to get a ticket to the Broadway show and I highly doubt a boycott against it will stop the show. There's boycotts against Starbucks, Pepsi and reality.

Besides, the cast was respectful towards him.

Fake news websites have contributed to a lot of misinformation about the election. It's not likely to stop anytime soon. Trust me, the grace period isn't happening with Trump. He will be attacked for everything regardless.

While they're boycotting reality, Trump finally settled the lawsuit. His defunct Trump University was a part of the many failures he's achieved. He gave a measly $25 million to settle the case against him.

Even though I haven't watch the news lately, I seen some of the social media reaction to it. They believe that Trump's ethics will come to question.

Trump and Pence will take office in January.

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