Thursday, November 03, 2016

Now The Vote Suppression Attempts!

Vote early at your local precinct. 

The alt right decided to play dirty bull in an attempt to disenfranchise voters in North Carolina and Florida. Social media pointed a posting that allegedly comes from the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.

It says that you can skip the lines and vote by text.

No you can't.

Here's two other versions.
Deliberate attempt at discouraging Black vote.
There's no such thing as voting by text message and for those who are willing to push this, this is the signs of desperation.

The ads circulated on Twitter recently would have you believe otherwise.

Lifting imagery directly from Hillary Clinton's campaign materials, the ads encourage supporters of the Democratic nominee to "vote early" and "vote from home" by texting their candidate's name to a five-digit number.

"Save time. Avoid the line," one reads.

"Vote early. Text 'Hillary' to 59925," says another.

At least four such ads began making rounds on social media this week, each containing the Clinton campaign's "H" logo and a line saying they were "paid for by Hillary for President." Some featured images of Clinton that appear to be pulled from actual campaign marketing materials, while others showed a black woman and a Hispanic woman, in what may be an attempt to dupe to minority voters specifically. One was written entirely in Spanish.

We're approaching the final days of this god awful presidential election. Donald Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton. The polls are "tightening" and Clinton is slipping in Ohio, Florida and North Carolina.

It's up to the American voter to put either the former first lady or the media mogul in the White House.

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