Monday, November 07, 2016

Janet Reno Passed Away!

Janet Reno passed away. She was the first woman appointed as the Attorney General of the United States.

Breaking today is the death of the first woman appointed as the Attorney General of the United States. Janet Reno passed away overnight. She was 78 years old. The complications of Parkinson's Disease led to her death.

Reno is best known for being the toughest female top cop. Bill Clinton appointed Reno to become the Attorney General in 1993. She served throughout Clinton's two terms.

She would be involved in the deadly World Trade Center attack of 1993, the Waco stand off, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing and the Columbine massacre. The Elian Gonzalez affair was a controversial issue.

Born in 1938, Reno grew up in Miami, Florida, with parents who both worked as reporters for Miami newspapers. After attending Cornell University for her undergraduate degree, Reno enrolled at Harvard University for law school in the early 1960s. During her first year, she heard one of her heroes, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, speak at the Sanders Theater.

"She was so wonderful and her voice was still so clear and so magnificent," Reno later recalled in a 1993 speech to the Women's Bar Association. "And I went up to her afterwards, and I said, "Mrs. Roosevelt, I think you are perfectly wonderful." And I will never forget her looking at me and saying, 'Why, thank you, my dear. Those words mean so much to me.' And she seemed to mean it."

When Clinton's administration was rocked by the Whitewater scandal, Reno was the person tasked with appointing special prosecutor Robert Fiske to lead the probe in 1994.

The Clintons were never charged with criminal wrongdoing.

In Clinton's second term -- months before his impeachment -- the Republican-controlled House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform voted to cite Reno for contempt of Congress for failing to hand over key memos.

Reno eventually provided those documents. Congress never moved forward with a vote on the matter.

News hits the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign today knowing that she will not be indicted in the email server.

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