Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cop Who Bucked Philando Castile Served!

Do you honestly believe that a cop could face a conviction given that most of these high profile incidents often go without one?

I won't hold my breathe. Matter of fact, "I can't breathe!"

Too many of these murderers behind a badge get away with this. I am so frustrated with the scenario where a cop can just deadly force if his or her life is in danger.

I wouldn't be surprised that the cop who bucked Philando Castile will have a lawyer demanding to see the criminal history of Philando. I bet you money they're going to cross exam Diamond Reynolds, the woman who livestreamed her boyfriend being shot by this cop.

We're on the first steps of a trial. The indictment. The Minnesota State Police and Ramsey County prosecutors recommended criminal charges against Jeronimo Yanez, the officer from St. Anthony Police Department.

Yanez is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. If convicted of second degree murder he could face LIFE in the iron college. The reckless discharge of a firearm charge could carry up to 1o years in the iron college.

In July, Yanez stopped Philando's vehicle for an alleged taillight being out. Yanez earlier radioed the dispatchers that he thought the two were involved in a robbery. He  wanted to check IDs. The cop thought Philando had a "wide-set nose".

Yanez asked for Philando's license and registration. Philando said that he was licensed to carry a weapon and had one in his pants pocket.

Diamond said that Yanez shot Philando after he was reaching for his ID. He was shot four times in the arm. He would die of his injuries.
No mugshot of this murderer.
What Yanez is going to use as defense. He's was up to no good at the time excuse. And if he convinces an all White jury that he feared for his life, Yanez walks.

Now this happened around the same time that Alton Sterling was shot and killed by Baton Rouge Police. This inspired two terrorists to ambush officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

The number of police/vigilante shootings of unarmed or legally licensed individuals inspired Black Lives Matter. The group has been very vocal about gun crime and police reform. It's often attacked by the alt-right and conservative agitators as fanning the seeds of hate against White people and the cops.

Justice for Philando is trending once again. But will hashtag activism eventually lead to a conviction?

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