Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cop Fired Out The Cannon After Flying The Losing Side At Trump Protest!

Traverse City Police had to put Michael Peters in the cannon and fire his pasty ass out after he was caught on camera taunting protesters. He was in his big pickup truck and he was flying the flag of the losing side of the Civil War.

The 18-year veteran was caught driving his Dodge Ram at a Black Lives Matter rally. In the wake of the controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/reality television star's surprise election win, White folks are now freely expressing the things they've normally said in the comfort of their homes.

Well the police force wasn't thrilled about his counter-protest. They forced him to out by saying he resigned from the force.

Traverse City manage Marty Colburn says that Peters apologized to the community "for the stain he put on the city" and the city's police department. Colburn thinks that Peters is sincere.

No it's because he got death threats from people. That's why he was forced to apologize for his behavior. He didn't all of sudden say, "damn I didn't mean to be a racist. I was just kidding."

Peters was also caught on camera drinking a beer while parked in a no parking zone. Yet, he got time in the time in the freezer with pocket change.

Marshall Collins, a protester at the rally said that his actions reflect a bias in how he conducts police and civilian encounters. His actions while on the beat were probably singling out Black and Hispanic residents of Traverse City.

"He is a role model and that's what he should be displaying here," said Collins.

"My confrontation was why you would bring that here, knowing what that stands for. Why would you bring that here? The fear that flag instills in me, the fear that flag has put in me and other people like me, why would you choose to display that?"

Collins then went on to say: "To see him, knowing that he's a cop, knowing that he's out there to protect and serve, knowing that I have to look over my back for someone like that in our community and our department, it scares me and it scares my family."

White folks are now openly attacking Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, immigrants, women, those in the LGBT community and progressives protesting the election.

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