Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bobby Brown Nails Nick Gordon To The Ground For Bobbi Kristina's Death!

Bobby Brown got redemption for his daughter Bobbi Kristina.
Bobby Brown won a major court case this week. He successfully sued Nick Gordon for the death of his daughter Bobbi Christina Brown.

Nick Gordon was ordered to pay $36 million for negligent demeanor in the death of his daughter.

Gordon denies any fault to her death and will appeal the decision.

The reality television star was found unconscious inside her Atlanta home.

They had to rush her to the hospital where she was placed on life support. After a few months on life support, they had to take her off after finding out she was brain dead. Her death became major news last year. Her death was eerily similar to her mother's tragic death in 2012.
Nick Gordon has to fork over his life to pay for Bobbi Kristina's.
Whitney Houston was found unconscious n a Beverly Hills hotel. They tried to revive her to no success. The news of her death was announced during a taping of the Grammys. It was so tragic because Bobbi Christina was very close to her mom. Bobbi Kristina went over the edge and Nick Gordon helped out.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was the only daughter of Whitney and Bobby.

Bobby Brown has at least eight children.

Bobby Brown confirms that his group New Edition is working on a movie about their rise to fame.

Bobby Brown grew up in the Boston area of Roxbury and lived in Dorchester before he joined the group. He currently lives in Atlanta.

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