Monday, November 14, 2016

It's Hot!

It's going to get ugly in 2017.

White people are now free to express themselves now that the controversial Republican billionaire/racist/reality television star won the election. They are free from "political correctness".

Since announcing his bid for president, the billionair/racist/reality star said that Mexican immigrants are "rapists" and "killers". He called a federal judge "unfair" because he has roots to Mexico. He still believes the five Black teens exonerated from rape charges are rapists and guilty as sin. He says minority-majority cities (i.e. Black communities) are "war zones" and "hell". He retweeted a fake statistic about Black on whatever crime.  He proposes for a ban on all Muslims entering our country. That includes American born men and women who freely head to Mecca for a religious gathering. He mocked a man with disabilities. He said that he loves to grab women by the pussy because he rich and powerful. He has retweeted anti-semitic and racist tweets. He went onto kookspiracy shows like Alex Jones. He got his talking points from Sean "Softball" Hannity and the folks over at Fox News.

He picked an Indiana governor who supported discrimination towards LGBT citizens.

Yeah, he shocked the world by winning the presidency. Now he's going to know what it's like being the President of the United States. They're no breaks and no time off. It's 24/7 job.
It may get worse once he takes office.
Matter of fact, I expect he will get a lot of death threats and threats of assassination.

This election has made America more divided.

President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the reality television star soon the be president Donald Trump called for unity since the election ended. Those calls are being ignored.

Hate crimes and protests are on the rise.

It's mostly aimed at Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and those in the LGBT community.

Even Stephen K. Bannon, the former president of Breitbart News is getting a spot in the White House. The transition team is proposing Bannon a role as chief strategist. Now people are demanding that Bannon doesn't get a spot.

Bannon proudly wears this alt-right label on his sleeve. He allowed his minion Milo Yiannopoulos attack Leslie Jones. The trolls who post in the comments sections (including this one) are unfiltered and unapologetic.

Until January 20th, I will not worry about the transition period or whomever the Republicans happen to line up for the leadership. I will not worry about the Democrats or their leaders.

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