Monday, November 07, 2016

NJ Woman Suffered Brain Damage From Knuckle Style Chili!

A New Jersey woman fighting for her life after she was served knuckle style chili,

The law is looking for the man who gave a young woman knuckle style chili. He served her hard and now she's fighting for her life.

Emily Rand, a 19 year old woman was served by a man near a party on Rutgers University campus. He served her after an altercation near a fraternity house.

Police said they don't know if Rand was a student at Rutgers.

The attack was recorded on a phone and it was posted on social media. The short clip shows Rand serving a five finger roll. But the man gave her a taste of the knuckle style chill and it laid her out.
The law is looking for the man who served young woman a knuckle style chili.
She was not moving. The person who filmed it didn't bother trying to stop the guy or aid her.

The guy disappears into the nightlife. He's described as having a shorter build and was wearing a gray sweatshirt and a black hat. He may bury evidence or change appearance.

Her aunt Lisa Egan turns to social media to plead to those there to rat the attack out. Emily is on a ventilator and "she's not getting better or responding to treatment."

"This is not a joke! Please pray she makes a full recovery and they catch the scumbag who did this to her," said Egan on Facebook.

Her friend made the most passionate plea for help.

New Brunswick and Rutgers Campus Police are searching for the attacker and stepped up patrol around the campus.

Mind you if this suspect was a shade darker, bet you money, this would be talked about by conservative agitators.

Alt-right figures like the notorious racial arsonist Colin Flaherty would devote his attention to this and drive the narrative about the so-called "Knockout Game."

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