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Why Is Florida Still Riding With "Little Marco?"

Pathetic lawmakers Marco Rubio and Rand Paul will try for 2020 if the Republican nominee Donald Trump fails at beating Hillary Clinton. The two lawmakers failed at winning the Republican nomination. Now as a consolation prize, the two are looking to be reelected to the senate to protect their worthless leader Mitch McConnell's hold on the chamber.

It looks like they're cruising to victory in their bid for reelection. These two are the most polarizing and least productive members of the Senate. I don't understand why so many people are willing to elect these guys, knowing that they're planning on running for president again.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are failed Republican presidential candidates who were defeated by Trump. They (along with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)) were hoping that they could defeat President Barack Obama's policies and the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at the ballot box.

Trump reluctantly gave his blessings to Rubio, Paul and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in their bid to keep the Senate in Republican hands.

Rubio is leading in some polls. But he is still being mocked as being robotic and inconsistent. He is taking on a Florida congressman who has little accomplishments other than defeating the one term asshole Allen West.

Here's the debate.

Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL), is a lawmaker who refuses to embrace President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He's running on "I'm the independent" in the room nonsense.

However, Murphy was endorsed by The Miami Herald, The Orlando Sentinel, the Tampa Bay Times, and the Sun-Sentinel.

The newspapers say that Rubio being an opportunist. They called him out on flip-flopping about retiring from the Senate. They said that he and the Republicans are deliberately delaying the confirmation of Merrick Garland, Obama's choice for the Supreme Court. He blocked recommended nominees for the federal court. One candidate he personally asked the president to look at is being held up. Rubio refuses to support measures that could stop mass shootings.

"Floridians deserve a full time Senator who will show up and work hard for them for a full six-year term," said Murphy. "From fighting the spread of Zika to addressing gun violence, and strengthening our middle class, the issues facing Florida are just too important for part time leadership. Marco Rubio abandoned this state to run for President and has the worst voting attendance record of any Florida Senator in nearly 50 years. Floridians deserve a commitment from Marco Rubio that he won’t just use them as a stepping stone to run for President again in 2020."

"Unlike Senator Rubio, I love working hard for Floridians and I am humbled to serve in Congress. Floridians can trust that I will show up and fight for them for the full six years in the U.S. Senate. I have signed this pledge and made a commitment to Florida. I hope Marco Rubio will do the same."

The Pulse nightclub shooting, Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin's deaths were examples of reckless people contributing to gun violence. The newspapers gave him some credit. He did support Zika funding after the mosquito threat was declining. He did support immigration reform before he retreated from it.
Little Marco (R-FL) shakes hands with Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL)
His lukewarm support of Trump is a double edged sword. He said that Trump has "little hands" and is a "con man" who has no business being near the nuclear codes. Not to mention that failed presidential candidate New Jersey governor Chris Christie tore him apart. Christie said that he's robotic. Christie went on to endorse Trump for president bucking Rubio, the Republican's last hope for winning.

The memorized 30 second stump caught Rubio off guard. Christie put a huge dent in his presidential bid. Donald Trump buried him in the dirt after that.

Mind you that South Florida is the only place in Florida where Marco Rubio won in his failed presidential bid. He's hoping to court on Cuban Americans and dissatisfied Floridians.

He's talking the same game as Rubio. Both candidates are flawed.

Given that Murphy was the serious candidate at the time. He roundedly beat Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) in a bid for the Democratic nomination. He is considered a moderate Democrat. He was formerly a Republican. He got tired of the party shifting from its practical base. I had him beating Rubio by 3 points in the previous postings. But so far I am going to correct myself on this. I will say that Rubio will win his reelection by 1.4 points.

Clinton is leading in Florida polls. She and the Democrats are going after Rubio and McCain.

Murphy baits Rubio by writing a pledge to not run for president after becoming a senator.
 McCain said that if Clinton becomes the president, he and the Republicans will continue oppose nominees for her administration and nominees for the Supreme Court.

Obama went to Miami to aim at Rubio for his inept work as a senator.

"How can he call him a con artist and dangerous, and object to all the controversial things he's said, but then say, 'I'm still going to vote for him?'" Obama said to a boisterous crowd at a Hillary Clinton rally at a historically black college in this swing state.

"C'mon, man," he said.

"If you're willing to be anybody just to be somebody, man, you don't have the leadership that Florida needs in the United States Senate," said Obama.

Now if Florida does elect this turd back to Congress, he will spend more time preparing for president than doing his job.

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