Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What Happened To Renee Davis?

Washington state mom was killed by the law. Renee Davis, a Native American mom of three was bucked by King County sheriff's deputies after they did a "welfare check" on her.

Once again another person of color is killed by law enforcement. The King County sheriff's department had to put two deputies on ice after they fatally shot and killed Renee Davis inside her own home.

They entered the home on a "wellness check" and found Renee was in her room. They saw her armed with a firearm. Both deputies fired at her and striking her in the head. They said they rendered help but she and her unborn child both died at the scene.

This happened at the Muckleshoot Reservation in Washington state.

The family called the law because they thought that she was suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Law enforcement claimed that Renee was suicidal.

Renee was the mother of three with one expecting. 
King County Sheriff investigates police fatal shooting of pregnant woman.
The death of this young Native American woman is heartbreaking. Given that she was a hard-working single mom, the law saw a criminal with a gun. Even though they entered her home on suspicion. They didn't even knock on the door or make a phone call. 

Renee was a receptionist at the Muckleshoot Health and Wellness Center. She also taught as at the Muckleshoot Child Development Center.

Renee grew up in a foster home with two of her biological sisters. She was an avid lover of the outdoors, her children and participated in fisheries training programs. She was a hunter.

She hunted for food and shared the kills with neighbors.

When will it stop?
Say her name: Renee Davis.
A young woman of color who was pregnant who had a legal right to defend her home. Two men who wore the badge didn't identify themselves or handled the situation properly. The family said that she was depressed.

How long will it take before the junk food media say she was a criminal?

How long will it take before they look for some evidence of her doing something illegal on social media?

How long will it take before they claim that she is an "out-of-wedlock" mother who had lived on the government?

How long will it take before the junk food media release the name of the officers involved in this?

How long will it take before we peak their social media habits?

I'm at a loss for words. It's unimaginable for a young woman to lose her life in her own home in front of her children.

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