Friday, October 14, 2016

Crabby Apples!

Trump surrogate Ben Carson gets testy with a female anchor. He tells her to "shut up".

Who let Papa Smurf on television?

Conservative agitator Ben Carson (a failed presidential candidate) gets a little antsy with the hosts on MSNBC today. I mean he really acted like a total jackass.

When conservatives are grilled on tough questions, they deflect and then as usual blame the media for their comments.

Carson was asked about the allegations made against Donald Trump.

The host Joe Scarborough and BBC World News America anchor Katty Kay focused their line of questioning around this: GOP vice presidential candidate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence indicated Friday on multiple morning news shows that before the end of the day, the Trump campaign would provide evidence proving that the women accusing Trump of having sexually abused them are lying.

Kay asked Carson if he thought these women were indeed fabricating their stories.

"That's your characterization, because you need to characterize it that way," Carson said.

Kay attempted to ask a follow-up, at which point Carson held up his hand, yelling "stop" repeatedly.

"Hey, can you turn her microphone off?" he then demanded. "Turn her microphone off so I can talk."

"No," Scarborough said. "No! It's a simple question."

"It doesn't matter whether they're lying or not," Carson finally said. "What matters is that the train is going off the cliff."

"Get it through your thick skulls," he continued, railing at the TV hosts about the economy and border control, among other things.

Trump is being called out by over 15 women for sexaul harassment and assault.

Suggesting that Trump’s accusers aren't telling the truth, Carson had some other really deep thoughts to share.

"I do have common sense, and if somebody is sitting in the first-class section of the airplane, there are stewardesses, there are other people around there's just gigantic armrests," he said. "What happened to all of those things?"

He said he predicted that democrats would "keep coming up with stuff to try to take your eye off the ball. Not that sexual language and abuses (sic) is not important but when you're talking about the train going off the cliff, you really need to deal with that first."

It's not looking good for the Trump team. Also we'll cover the Lou Dobbs.

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