Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tulsa Cop Heading To County Lock-Up!

This is the mugshot of the Tulsa cop who killed an unarmed man. They're so determined to smear, slander, besmirch the name of a Black man who was fatally shot by this cop's reckless call. She turned her ass over to authorities overnight. She was released on a $55,000 out of a $500,000 get out free card.

A man with his hands in the air, mind you being shot while walking towards his car.

Tulsa Police officer Betty Shelby is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. She was the officer who is facing manslaughter charges in the first degree. That charge could put her in the iron college from four years to LIFE.

The mugshot will be shown soon. But in the meantime, we'll see how this play out. Of course don't hold your breathe for a conviction. After all, many officers usually get off a murder charge. The indictment alone isn't enough.

The only way the public will be satisfied is the cop being indicted for the charges.

District Attorney Stephen Kunzweiler announced today that this officer will face a judge.

Her attorney and the police union will speak on this latest development in the case.

Shelby's attorney said that she opened fire because she feared that Terence was grabbing a weapon.

Yeah right. She was surrounded by at least five officers. Tulsa Police failed to find a weapon on him.

The junk food media reported that the Shelby had two bad marks on her record as a Tulsa Police officer.
Terence Crutcher was gunned down by a Tulsa cop who made a reckless call.
The suspect's family said that she's feeling remorse and sympathy for the family. The suspect's husband was a part of the police helicopter unit. It's revealed that one of the pilots of the helicopter said that "he was a bad dude, probably on something." The name of the pilot isn't revealed yet.

When Sean "Softball" Hannity tried to claim that Terence Crutcher was wanted for numerous charges, the local agitator shut that shit down. The most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media had this Black America town hall in Cleveland this week. This is a flop. Donald Trump spoke to a mostly White audience. Trump raised eyebrows when he said he endorses a national stop-and-frisk policy.

The softball tried to lump all of Black America's problems on Barack Obama, the first Black president. He tries and fails so miserably it's laughable.

Now he's back to his old tricks again. He tried to smear Terence by saying that he "had a long criminal history and appeared to be under the influence."
The junk food media trying to paint this officer as a "good guy".
The softball would say to a local agitator if Terence had any warrants for his arrest.

Russell Mills, a local agitator from KRMG-TV said that he has no evidence of Terence being a wanted criminal.

"Well I read that there was numerous warrants out for his arrest including one assault on an officer and drug trafficking," said the softball.

Well I'll tell you I looked up his history and I'm not seeing a lot of criminal history. We have something called the OSCN, the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network. I was able to find a protective order from 12 years ago that was dismissed. I found a couple of financial things. There's no violent criminal history for Mr. Crutcher that I've been able to uncover."

The softball would keep pressing on saying that these reports about no criminal history being false.

"Are those reports incorrect?" Hannity continued.

"As far as I know they are. I have not seen any reporting on any warrants for Mr. Crutcher and I certainly haven't uncovered any myself," Mills told the softball.

"There has been some misinformation floated," Mills said to knock down the softball's attempt to cast a dead victim as a criminal thug.

"He did not have any warrants. He had not done anything wrong. He had a malfunctioning vehicle, and he should have been treated accordingly," Crutcher family attorney Melvin Hall told the Chicago Tribune this week. The paper reported, however, that Crutcher did serve four years in prison from 2007 to 2011 on a Tulsa County drug-trafficking conviction.

Nonetheless, this divisive agitator is once again playing this game of blaming the victim for his own death. He's been on this kick of attacking President Barack Obama for the unrest in America.

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