Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trump Gets A Set Of Kid Gloves From The Junk Food Media!

I didn't watch the Commander-in-Chief forum on NBC. It was being hosted by Matt Lauer of Today.

He had an opportunity to give the Democratic and Republican nominee an opportunity to lay out their strategy to command the military if they were elected president.

Let's just say that the forum was a total trainwreck and Lauer was panned for his performance.

Many of Hillary Clinton's supporters criticized Lauer for being too focused on the emails instead of how she can command the country's greatests. Others say that Lauer allowed Donald Trump to lie about his stances and gave him an opportunity to soapbox. Even conservatives were annoyed about Trump's praise of Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation.

It's not just Sean "Softball" Hannity who's treating Donald Trump with kid gloves, it's the junk food media as well.
Seven weeks to go.
The Commander-in-Chief forum on Wednesday and the Larry King's  RT America interview are really examples of how Trump can get away with lying.

Even criticism from Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump and his acolytes is being deplored as an attack on "real Americans".

What is trending today on social media was a comment made by Clinton. #Basketofdeplorables has landed mockery and accusations of playing the race card against Trump.

Trump is ridiculous catching up in polls. The race still favors Clinton but Trump's allies and the soft treatment towards him by the junk food media will make this race forever polarizing.

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