Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trump And Softball Hannity "Saved" By Black Jesus!

Another softball interview by the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media. The right wing carnival will head to Cleveland in front of a Black audience. A Black pastor who supports Donald Trump invites these two for another divisive attack on President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The polls are "tightening" and Donald Trump is enjoying the benefits of being in the limelight. He's taken the advice of Kelly Anne Conway and is working on improving his outreach to non-White voters.

His pivots are helping him catch up with his Democratic rival.

So far his chances are at 47% and his opponent Hillary Clinton is at 53%.

It doesn't matter what the polls say, if one of these candidates makes it to 270 electoral votes, they become the 45th President of the United States.

He will take this crusade to Cleveland to do a town hall inside a church of a Black Trump supporter.

Along for the ride is the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media. Sean "Softball" Hannity, the most divisive person to ever host a radio and television program will have another sit down with his man-crush.

Darrell Scott, the pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights invites the two to his church to discuss issues facing Black America. Fox News will tape the town hall and it will air on Wednesday night.

Given back in July, Trump had said that the rule of law is mandatory. He said that cops get no respect from the people. He invited a pro-Trump supporting Black cop to praise the decision to not indict the six officers who let Freddie Gray die in their custody. He brought on a man who ran stories mocking Black supporters as thugs and looters.

He was the man who retweeted a debunked White extremist statistic about Black violence.

He demanded the first Black president to release his birth certificate. Only later to confirm that he's legitimately an American and blame the opponent for starting the rumor.

I bet you money, Softball Hannity will not address the fatal police shootings of Tamir Rice, Tim Russell and Malissa Williams.

The unrest in Charlotte already assures conservatives to focus on the "rioting" and "looting" in the city. Of course, the blame game will almost immediately fall on President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is expected from conservative agitators (especially Softball Hannity).

The shootings of  Tyre King, Terence Crutcher and Keith Scott have once again sparked a discussion on gun violence, Black on whatever crime, and police shooting unarmed individuals.

Softball Hannity has invited extremists on his show to denounce Black Lives Matter. He's put not only his man-crush, but running mate Mike Pence, and disgraced cop Mark Fuhrman on his program.
Trump's biggest Black supporters are a Cleveland pastor and a female who is a self proclaimed "bad guy". 
To add a little flavor to his right wing carnival, the agitator brings on Black extremists. Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke, Jesse Lee Peterson, Kevin Jackson, Juan Williams, David Webb and Rod Wheeler will be there to point fingers at Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for the unrest.

And maybe Colin Flaherty will plug another racial book about the "mob violence" by Black people.

This is what they do every time! They omit the local Black leaders who are calling for peace and denouncing the rioters.

They don't talk about real issues in Black America. Police reform is a major issue with Black America. With the police shooting unarmed Black citizens, you would expect Trump and the softball to really come to their senses about this. Alas, they won't.

They want to chastise Obama for Black America's woes, given that he's the first Black president.

They forgot these issues have been long before Obama stepped into the White House.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is gambling his career on Donald Trump. If Trump does lose this election, expect the "lumpy" softball to be discarded.

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